A super old-school beer hall in Boulder

the outdoor patio at Bohemian Biergarten

Unlike most of Boulder's bohemians, who have dreadlocks and are named Skip, Bohemian Biergarten is both authentic and worth your time. The 20th-century-style beer garden was dreamt up by a group of friends from the Czech Republic (motto: "We ran out of Czech/check puns in 1997"), and it now slings imported beers and hearty Central European cuisine aplenty. Long wooden tables line the high-ceiling'd space in both the front and enormous back area, which is rocked by everyone from DJs to "single accordion players", as if any accordion player ever could actually find a girlfriend. Clever decorative touches include this signage advertising a fake bottle manufacturer from one of the owner's hometowns (Boskovice). Two of the bar owners also lent their names to this non-existent company. Austria's Franz Joseph ruled in the 1800s, and now he's painted high on the wall. He was not the warmest guy. The coat of arms of the Czech Republic adds some class. Eight taps of mostly imports are highlighted by a Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier (served in an awesomely large stein), Stiegel Lager, and some locals like a Prost Dunkel and an Avery IPA. Or opt for an imported bottle like Czechvar, a beer that's known as "Budweiser Budvar" in the rest of the world. No word on whether Czechvar will ever be made available as Czechvar Light Lime. No one goes hungry at BB, unless the table you're sitting at orders this plate of head cheese, and you're not into eating something called head cheese. Get past the name and enjoy it with a cucumber salad and pickled red onion. Fried foods abound on a menu filled with shareable small plates, including chicken schnitzel topped by a quail egg and served aside German potato salad. Select one of six Continental Sausages (mostly pork-based), and a grillmaster will prepare it in front of you in the back hall. This veal weisswurst is served alongside braised red cabbage with apple... but don't be fooled: unlike the rest of Boulder's bohemians, this place isn't the wurst.

a wooden bench at Bohemian Biergarten
a fake bottle manufacturer's sign at Bohemian Biergarten
a painting of Franz Joseph 1 of Austria at Bohemian Biergarten
the Czech coat of arms at Bohemian Biergarten
a huge stein of beer at Bohemian Biergarten
a bottle of Czechvar at Bohemian Biergarten
a plate of head cheese at Bohemian Biergarten
chicken schniztel topped by a quail egg at Bohemian Biergarten
sausage and beer at Bohemian Biergarten