Great F. Scott -- a modern lounge in LoDo!

While Cliffs were critical when assigned the The Great Gatsby, the only notes that matter now are those in the 50+ wine bottles at Gatsby's, a "modern martini/ wine bar meets a speakeasy" in LoDo, where low lighting and gold-framed mirrors set the scene for you to gilded rage.. Most of the "reasonably priced" vinos are from Cali and New Zealand, where wine-making is a popular Hobbit. Hobby! Sorry, it's all they have

The Kentucky Fall provides a wintery treat, with aged bourbon, nutmeg, cinnamon, and apple puree.

They're also serving up shareable, souped-up comfort plates, like this Long Island Mac 'N Cheese, chock full o' duck bacon and Iberico ham (you know, from Long Island). After eating it, ask your doctor if Lipitor is right for you. (It will be.

This inventive slider's built with pork shoulder smoked for 12hrs, doused in a citrus vinaigrette, and topped with cumin-infused coleslaw

And even the food here gets drowned in wine, like these skewered hunks of filet cooked in red wine, shallots, and rosemary -- Carraway was apparently not available.