Food & Drink

Pool, and cocktails that'll have you swimming

A Spike TV show (no, unfortunately not one about boobs or awesome deaths) has remade Larimer St's Zanzibar Billiards Bar & Grill into Solids & Stripes, a completely remodeled house of booze and felt, courtesy of Bar Rescue.

New lights make these the souped-up Civics of pool tables. The TV crew ditched two tables to create more room, and resurfaced the remaining ones, adding -- in addition to the lights -- new pockets (though you'll need deeper ones to play, as the formerly free game now costs $5 p/hour).

At the all-new beer wall, $8 buys you a key-like magnet that unlocks the ability to pour yourself two beers from one of four CO microbrew taps. No waiting for the bartender.

The menu also got a refresh, with new 'tails like a vodka/ lime juice/ jalapeno/ cucumber concoction called The Hustler, which you can eyeball in graphic, almost disgustingly vivid detail in this photo.

Sink The 8 Ball: honey syrup, Crown Royal Black, and bitters.

New apps dot the menu, including these bacon/ cheddar/ chive Solid Croquettes.

There's also Badass Meatballs: BBQ sauce-glazed, all-beef orbs that're baked and then flash fried, like a stoner in a kitchen accident.

Honoring the cuisine of the Israeli owner's homeland, the flash-fried Falafel Burger is topped with hummus and Israeli salad.

Spike also brought in two new TVs. Coincidentally, watching Blue Mountain State on two TVs at once is definitely one of 1000 Ways to Die.