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Mexican eats at a S Broadway bar

Wait way more than 20 minutes after eating to hit Dive Inn, because you'll want an empty stomach to better feast on the S Broadway booze shack's menu of Yucatecan-style eats and Mexican twists on bar food staples, all designed by an actual Cozumel...itan

Their green chile's brimming with pork, and is topped by a Xnipec salsa, which means "dog's nose" in Mayan, marking the first time you've heard a Mayan word not mean "maize"

Taquitos can be stuffed with beef or chicken, and come with mild "gringo" salsa, but mouth-burn fans can try a Habanero pickle, which may cause you to "call the paramedics". Not that you'll be able to tell them what's going on

Like McCartney going solo, ditch the wings and instead order boneless buffalo chicken chicharrones tossed in hot sauce

The tostada features lettuce, escabeche, refried black beans, and cotija cheese piled atop a fried corn tortilla, plus either pork/ steak/ chicken

Witness the deliciousness emanating from a Mexican pulled pork torta, paired nicely with one of nine Mexican beers, like Bohemia, Tecate, and La Victoria

Pickled red onions atop a taco stuffed with Kobe -- fitting, as this menu will make you want to Shaq up at Dive Inn permanently.