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Your guide to shot-and-a-beer specials in Denver

Shot and a beer specials DEN
Connor Green

One of the booze universe's great dynamic duos (more dynamic than Bartles & Jaymes? MAYBE), the shot-and-a-beer combo has been satisfying drinkers for centuries (millennia? Maybe millennia), delivering a glorious blend of potency and value. Knowing this, Denver watering holes offer them up in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the most distinctive, including one that'll throw in a cigarette for an added dose of unhealthiness.

Cheeky Monk Belgian Beer Cafe (info and address)
East Colfax
The Deal: Kopstootje (pronounced cop-stooge) -- a Belgian classic pairing of Houblon Chouffe (the beer) and Genever (the liquor) for $9. The beer runs $8.50 so the booze is only running you 50 cents extra.
The Extras: Non-Belgian food like the French Dip and very Belgian food like rabbit stew help to balance out the Koptstooj and prevent you from becoming a Colfax casualty.
Available: All day

Marg’s Taco Bistro Uptown (info and address)
The Deals: A triple-threat of Tecate + Sauza, PBR + Fireside Whiskey, or Coors Light + Fireball will run you $5. Each, not like, all three combos for $5. That'd be crazy. Upgrades like Pacifico and Patrón or Dos Equis with Olmeca Altos are avail for a few bucks more.
The Extras: Street-style tacos and ample TVs for keeping you distracted between shots and beers.
Available: All day

Park & Co. (info and address)
The Deals: There's a whole menu to choose from -- all $5 at happy hour!
Blue Collar -- PBR and Jim Beam
El Chilango -- Tecate and Patrón XO
Cheeseman Park -- Sparkling Wine and Sweet Revenge
Belgian Waffle -- Stella and Cabin Fever
Curtis Park -- Coors and Fireball
Inglorious Bastard -- Schlitz and Jägermeister
The Extras: Along with their great beer-and-shot combos, they also offer up a mean burger/fries combo. 
Available: Happy hour 2-6pm and 10pm-close Sunday through Thursday, 11pm-close Friday & Saturday

William’s Tavern (info and address)
The Deal: $5 shot-and-a-beer (options vary)
The Extras: They house a pool table, jukebox, Big Buck Hunter, and are a very close stumble to good eats like Steuben’s and Ace.
Available: Happy hour 2-6pm daily

Tooey’s Off Colfax (info and address)
The Deal: $5 shot-and-a-beer (any domestic can & well liquor -- Jim Beam, Sailor Jerry, etc.)
The Extras: Foosball table, Big Buck Hunter (can never have enough!), and pinball, all just a block from Colfax for literally everything else you need.
Available: All day

Bannock Street Garage Shot and a beer specials DEN
Connor Green

Bannock Street Garage (info and address)
Golden Triangle
The Deal: The Billy Jack -- PBR, whiskey, and a cigarette for $5
The Extras: Lots of games (ring toss! darts!), live music, and a damn fine patio in the back.
Available: All day

Satellite Bar (info and address)
The Deal: PB&J -- $6 Pabst and Jameson
The Extras: Notoriously friendly staff whose choosy moms chose Jameson over Jif.
Available: All Day

Highland Tavern (info and address)
The Deal: PB&J -- $6 Pabst and Jameson
The Extras:  A mountain of food options from tots and onion rings to the Stupid Burger -- a bacon cheeseburger with double everything, fried egg, chili, house pickles, cheese fries, and "freedom".
Available: Happy hour 4-7pm daily

Lion’s Lair (info and address)
The Deal: Happy Meal -- $5 shot-and-a-beer
The Extras: Super-late happy hour and a music venue.
Available: Happy hour 3-8pm daily

Nob Hill Inn (info and address)
East Colfax
The Deal: PB&J -- by now you should know what this is -- for $5.
The Extras: Ambiance. This dive bar has aged like the kind of fine wine you would not find anyone serving at a dive bar.
Available: All day