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Everywhere in Mile High to celebrate not-Mexican independence

What does independence mean to you? How does independence taste to you? If the answer in the past has been anything but "amazeballs", you're going to the wrong Mexican places (also, using the wrong adjectives!). Never fear: we've rounded up the area's best Mexa-raunts and listed them by extremely academic category.Hottest WaitressesT/ACO1175 Walnut St; LoDo; 303.443.9468What's better than freshly-made street tacos, ceviche, and guac? Freshly-made street tacos, ceviche, and guac delivered to you by beautiful women. They've got those here.T/ACO's more than just pretty faces. Click for menus.Hottest Hot SauceMezcal3230 E Colfax Ave; City Park; 303.322.5219Even after a decade of servicing hungry Colfax crowds, Mezcal has to warn people that dousing their food with the 11000 Scoville unit El Yucateco XXXTra Hot Habanero sauce could "ruin your meal". Unless there's some culture in the world where crying and not being able to finish a plate of enchiladas is considered heroic.Check out more on MezcalBest MargaritasEl Diablo101 Broadway; Baker; 303.954.0324The always lively El Diablo pours consistently delicious margs, stemming from their use of fresh-squeezed juices instead of mixes. Go for the Picoso with muddled jalapenos, Espolon Reposado, lime juice & Cointreau. Go for the gold.Click here. Diablo's got more than just margs.Best NachosEl Camino3628 W 32nd Ave; Highland; 720.889.7946A beloved Highland tavern with Mexican eats that'll fill you up, EC's got nachos that are meant to be shared by a table of hungry people, and layer chips with housemade pickled jalapenos, pico, and everything from carnitas to chorizo. On Wednesdays, an order is just $5, or $1 for every inch it'll add to your waistline. More here on the hottest 'chos spot in townCraziest Taco Filling Marg's Taco Bistro1519 Wynkoop St; LoDo; 303.534.6274This minimalist LoDo spot is totally maximist when it comes to weird tacos, which include one packed with spicy red Vindaloo chicken, carrots, Spanish rice, and a cucumber sour cream. Proposed name: Indian-aco.Can you handle it? Learn more here.Best GuacamoleLola1575 Boulder St; Highland; 720.570.8686The always busy Highland spot serving up "coastal Mexican" offers guacamole prepared tableside and spiced specifically to your tastes, so make like a thermostat and vary your heat day-to-day.Hit up Lola's site for moreBest Outdoor SpaceBlack Crow1525 Blake St; LoDo; 303.642.5432With a lantern-filled, picnic table-laden outdoor patio next to their sister resto Rio Grande, Black Crow is that band with that lighting candles song because mama something something something a great place to enjoy the humidity-free Mile High weather before catching a Rockies game with a cold marg and barbacoa tacos.Link here for more Black Crow goodnessBest Tequila SelectionTamayo1400 Larimer St; LoDo; 720.946.1433After a huge remodeling, Richard Sandoval's Tamayo added 60+ bottles of the good stuff to its already impressive collection. And among the newness is a tequila specifically made for Sandoval by Herradura.Tap here for more on Tamayo

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