How to crush not-Mexican Independence Day at Green Dot

All drinks for Bailout Cinco de Mayo

Good news for people with livers: in addition to the Downtown Boxing Gym fundraiser and Imperial's weekend-long El Dia de la Batalla, the boys from Bailout Productions are back after a Whiskey Rebellion hangover hiatus to host their very own Cinco de Mayo party at Green Dot Stables. We know this because there's a flier they let us into their super-secret basement bar for a sneak peek at the preparations (and also, there's a flier)..

Naturally, the evening's esteemed hosts, Joe & Travis, get ready for a night of super-secret basement tequila-tasting with, well, a shot of tequila

The Bailout boys take tequila shots
Joe nails tacos
Joe puts mask on taxidermy
Bailout boys thinking through drink-making
Joe pours up a Mazatlan
Joe drinking a Mazatlan from the staircase
Travis pours a Fire And Smoke
Masked Fire And Smoke
Full drink round-up on Mexican flag