A wine cyborg (??) comes to Corktown
Ryan Patrick Hooper

Appropriately relocating from downtown to Cork(!)town, Motor City Wine is an adult grape juice retreat (just across the street from Sugar House and Slows) that's half reasonable retail wine shop and half wine bar. Helping you dominate both the next time you're on a date: this Thrillist-approved guide to wine list-pwning.

Ryan Patrick Hooper

1. If you're gonna order like a boss, you need to do it from out here
Don’t jump right into the Asiago cheeses -- ARE YOU TRYING TO MARRY THIS GIRL? Take her out to the patio instead, and tell your server you won't be needing a wine list today. Oh, and whatever you do, don't bring up your crushing student debt. You already did? Damn.

Ryan Patrick Hooper

2. Order two glasses of Baci Dolci
This is your best first date wine. You’ll want to impress her, so remember that this sweet and slightly sparkling red is Italian for “sweet kiss”. Just don't take the translation too literally. You already did? Damn.

Ryan Patrick Hooper

3. Alright, two more glasses, this time of the Broadbent Vinho Verde
It's a light white from Portugal, and the owners of Motor City Wine swear by it. It’s their official pound on the patio selection, so it's perfect for powering through the middle of a date. It’s light enough and low enough in alcohol content that you can drink it all night. Just make sure to leave some of the bottle for her. You already drank all of it? Dude. Damn.

Ryan Patrick Hooper

4. And finally, grab a bottle of Contra by Bonny Doom Vineyards
If you're still going strong when it comes time to talk about dinner, this dry red blend (perfect with steak!) is the optimal choice. It's still wine (so she'll like it), but it's just about as man-friendly as wine can get. Just don't try to finish the whole bottle before desser--daaaamn, son. Again?

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1. Motor City Wine 1949 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216 (Corktown)

Respectively (and ironically... maybe?) located in Corktown, Motor City Wine is Detroit's one-stop destination for wine drinking and purchasing. They also have live Jazz music. Bam.

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