15 Detroit Bars Open on Christmas Day

mgm grand casino
Courtesy of Detroit Public Relations

While checking Christmas Day schedules with area watering holes, we were met with such responses as: "I hope not," "Are we what on the what now?", and “Are you OK?” But, without fail, there remain the few and the proud, the bars that even Christmas can’t put a cork in. So, whether you're stuck with family, without family, or just avoiding the whole thing altogether, head to these reliable spots down to pour you a drink.

the old miami detroit

The Old Miami


It would take a hurricane to keep The Old Miami from opening its doors, which means you can go from Grandma's couch to... someone else's Grandma's couch. This year, the Old Miami should open around noon on Jesus’ alleged day of birth, and dinner will be served at 2pm.

Whiskey in the Jar


Ah yes. This bar would likely serve up cheap suds during the apocalypse, so clearly, staying open during Christmas is like any other day of the year. When we inquired as to when the doors might swing open, an unidentified, saucy bartender responded with, “We open at, like, seven. We like to let you sit with your family and stew on that shit for a while. It makes it more exciting when you come in.”

abick's bar detroit
Roy Ritchie Photography

Abick’s Bar


This neighborhood bar is a hidden gem and, of course, open on Christmas Day for its usual stream of loyal locals. Expect the doors to open around “6, 6:30, or so.”

Michael Symon's Roast
Michael Symon's Roast



If Keno and Stroh’s don’t appeal to you, hit Roast and keep it classy at one of the best hotel bars in town. Michael Symon himself wants you to have a Merry Christmas.

Donovan's Pub detroit
Donovan's Pub



Southwest’s favorite neighborhood staple would never leave its regulars hanging.

My Dad's Bar - Detroit
My Dad's Bar - Detroit

My Dad’s Bar


We mean… of course it's open.




This Hamtramck bar, one of the newer dives on the scene, commences Christmas Day hooch-selling around 7pm.

3 Nicks Tap Room


It's true, even on Christmas Day: a Downriver party don't stop... at least, until the Bud Light runs out. Festivities begin at 4pm.

sneakers pub
Sneakers Pub



Service with a smile? Maybe. Service when all you need is a one-way ticket to Blottoland? You got it.

stonehouse bar detroit
Flickr/Thomas Hawk


Ralston St

This place has more ghosts in its closets than your entire family combined. No but really, Stonehouse is haunted. Belly-up and hope the spirit you meet is as benevolent as Clarence Odbody.

volt detroit
Pulp Detroit



Nestled within the Renaissance Center's Marriott Hotel, here you'll be surrounded by fellow drinkers who skipped town for the holidays on purpose.

mgm grand detroit
Courtesy of Detroit Public Relations

MGM Grand Casino


Open 365 for your all your vice-related needs. Who needs holiday scratch-offs when you’ve got the 3D version of gambling AND multiple bars to drink at?

Greektown Casino-Hotel
Greektown Casino-Hotel

Greektown Casino


Play some Christmas blackjack!

Motorcity Casino Hotel
Motorcity Casino Hotel

Motor City Casino


Roll some Christmas craps!

The Painted Lady Lounge
Courtesy of Painted Lady Lounge

The Painted Lady Lounge


The Painted Lady Lounge is a great bar to go to when you want to booze without anyone knowing (or, more importantly, caring) that your pants have been unbuttoned all day to make more room for ham and Hamm’s.

Your friendly neighborhood house party

It’s been six years now that the Mitten state has been able to purchase libations on Christmas Day (possibly the best thing accomplished by the Legislature under Gov. Rick Snyder’s tenure), so your best bet may just be your buddy’s basement. Hopefully there’s a kegerator and shot roulette

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Megan Frye is a writer based in Detroit and Mexico City. Regardless of her location, she can be found decking the halls with boughs of bad decisions all year round. Tweet her with your holiday misgivings at @fryechild.