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The 32 Best Detroit Bars for Outdoor Drinking

Published On 04/21/2015 Published On 04/21/2015
Nicole Rupersburg/Thrillist
TV Lounge
Nicole Rupersburg/Thrillist
Whiskey In The Jar
Z's Villa
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1. Motor City Brewing Works Inc 470 W Canfield St, Detroit, MI 48201 (Midtown)

This is where Ghettoblaster was born and (arguably) where the golden age of Michigan microbrewing first started to take hold. True Detroiters will gather here to munch on brick oven pizzas and enjoy a pint on the rooftop terrace.

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2. Seva 66 E. Forest St., Detroit, MI 48201 (Midtown)

Seva provides a haven of flavor for hungry vegetarians in Midtown. The restaurant’s original Ann Arbor location has been serving up quality vegetarian and vegan fare since 1973, and its younger Detroit spot doesn’t disappoint. Menu highlights range from small plates like yam fries with spicy mayo and vegan barbecue sauce to entrees like the TLT, a wheat wrap made with tempeh, cheddar, guacamole, tomatoes and greens. There’s fresh squeezed juices for diners on a detox and floral, fruit-forward cocktails for those who prefer to sip and savor. The space itself is bright and open, making it a decent lunch option for groups.

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3. Bronx Bar 4476 2nd Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

Dimly lit, graffitied, and complete with a shot board and pool table, the Bronx bar is everyone's favorite dive. Sure, the staff is exceptionally cranky in a city where "cranky" is often a best-case scenario, but with juicy burgers, and a make-your-own-Bloody Mary bar on weekends, they've gotta make concessions somewhere.

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4. Old Miami 3930 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI 48201 (Midtown)

The Old Miami wears its heritage on its sleeve, starting with the “Thank you, Veterans” printed in large white lettering on the bar’s forest green awning. Established in 1975 as a haven for Vietnam veterans, the Old Miami has served Detroit for decades as a hybrid music-venue-meets-drinking-den. The walls are lined with military memorabilia, and a jukebox plays Patsy Kline next to the pool table. If you’re not swaying to the music on the dance floor, chances are you’re cozied up in one of the oversized couches or chairs near the fireplace chatting up a fellow patron whose past is inevitably a lot more interesting than yours.

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5. Nancy Whiskey 2644 Harrison St, Detroit, MI 48216 (Corktown)

Established in 1902, Corktown’s Nancy Whiskey holds one of the oldest liquor licenses in Detroit. Besides pour whiskey, the Irish pub, inhabiting the ground floor of an old corner building, does other thing right: fry seafood. Fish ’n’ chips, battered cod and seafood tacos are all the rage at a weekly fry. Live music on the weekends and television sets reliably tuned to Lions, Tigers and Wings games keeps the ‘Cheers’ atmosphere alive.

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6. PJ's Lager House 1254 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48226 (Corktown)

This longstanding Corktown joint is known for raucous rock shows, Cajun fried fare, and its rowdy vibes. Case in point: back in the 2000s', PJ's played host as a hangout for the likes of rowdy DET indie rockers The White Stripes and The Von Bondies. Come for the mosh pits, and stay for the gumbo and fried pickles!

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7. Mercury Burger Bar 2163 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216 (Corktown)

Mercury is a diner-style burger joint that serves a long list of creative, greasy burgers and milkshakes among other American cuisine staples like hot dogs, tater tots (poutine tots are by far the best), and the coveted Fried Bologna Sandwich. In our opinion cheese is king, so we favor the Juicy: a beef patty stuffed (and topped) with cheddar cheese with all the fixings. Swig some of Michigan’s finest craft brews at the wrap around bar that, along with the low ceilings and plethora of booths, reminds you of every iconic diner on TV. It’s notoriously hard to find a seat in this lively Corktown favorite, especially on the weekends, so plan accordingly just in case you get seated on the spacious patio beer garden.

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8. Slows Bar BQ 2138 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216 (Corktown)

From the award-winning and rightfully TV-famous Yardbird sandwich to the 100+ beer selection, this pork-packed mainstay has thoroughly earned all the attention it gets. The Cooley’s (who own the place) have done almost as fine a job boosting other businesses in Corktown as they have boosting the average local waist size.

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9. TV Lounge 2548 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI 48201 (Midtown)

TV Lounge is the premier dance and electronic music bar in Detroit, and hosts plenty of Movement Festival after-parties and hip-hop acts as well.

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10. Bookies Bar & Grille 2208 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI 48201 (Midtown)

Bookies Bar & Grille is equipped to be the perfect game-day stop: a shuttle to Comerica, a 16ft projection screen to watch the game in-house, a rooftop patio, and sweet specials like a pitcher and four shots for $15.

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11. The Old Shillelagh 349 Monroe St, Detroit, MI 48226 (Greektown)

The Old Shillelagh is an iconic Irish pub in the heart of Detroit's Greektown. It’s old, it’s dingy, but that means you're getting the authentic and time-honored pub drinking experience. Shillelagh's regularly hosts a band on its upper level; downstairs, you'll find your standard order of Guinness, Jameson, and Jager. With a St. Paddy’s Day celebration this unparalleled -- you can't ask for better!

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12. Whiskey In The Jar 2741 Yemans St, Hamtramck, MI 48212 (Hamtramck)

Named after an Irish-folk-song-turned-Metallica-classic and situated in a Polish neighborhood, Whiskey in the Jar sets its cultural bar high. But thanks to a diverse crowd and an even more varied selection of beers, bar-goers shed their differences at the door and unite for evenings of singing, dancing, and, of course, drinking. Here, wood-paneled walls are bedecked with beer advertisements, Christmas lights are posted all year long, and -- perhaps most importantly -- the digital jukebox plays songs of all genres. After a few drinks, you’ll want to snap a photo with the resident “ratalope,” a taxidermied rodent whose dignity was once stolen and replaced with antlers.

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13. Kelly's Bar 2403 Holbrook St, Hamtramck, MI 48212 (Hamtramck)

Kelly's is a Hamtramck dive bar with cheap drinks and tasty food. Be sure to go on a Thursday, when tacos are 50 cents, and domestic beers are two dollars. Locals, bikers, and hipster clientele flock to this Irish spot for its gritty IDGAF attitude, generous pours, and the likelihood that when it gets late, the scene will get rowdy.

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14. El Barzon 3710 Junction St, Detroit, MI 48210

Since its debut in 2007, this Southwest Detroit spot has garnered a loyal following of regulars and significant acclaim for its unique Mexican-Italian menu. Helmed by chef Norberto Garita (who cut his culinary teeth in New York's fine dining scene), the kitchen serves upscale renditions of classic dishes like chicken Milanese and mole poblano, staying true to the staples of each cuisine. El Barzon also boasts a solid cocktail menu of vibrantly colored margaritas, top shelf liquors and rare mezcal selections. Combined with an inviting outdoor patio (decked out with lush plants and Christmas light strung from the wooden rafters ahead), it's a popular spot for relaxed yet refined dinners.

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15. La Dolce Vita 17546 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48203

A double-threat, La Dolce Vita is equally capable of satisfying you with bottomless mimosas and shrimp benedicts in the early hours or wowing your date with lobster-stuffed ravioli and house-made gnocchi in the evening. When the weather allows, don't settle for anything less than a spot on the patio as you fatten up to jazz music.

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16. Los Galanes 3362 Bagley St, Detroit, MI 48216 (Mexicantown)

While you could take the easy way out and go with a few tacos wrapped in doughy flour tortillas, take our advice and order the wet burrito, which comes grilled instead of baked and doused in mole. One (or many) of the 11 Mexican beers and the dozen tequilas on the menu will keep you company through the night.

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17. Sindbad's Restaurant and Marina 100 Saint Clair St, Detroit, MI 48214

Sindbad's Restaurant is located right on the water, serving up fresh seafood, delicious steaks, and a buffet brunch that includes their classic eggs Benedict.



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