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Don Julio Is Releasing Its First New Tequila Since 2012

PRNewsfoto/Don Julio

Big news, agave lovers: Don Julio is releasing its first new tequila in more than half a decade in the coming weeks and it’s unlike anything the brand has ever produced. The new tequila, called Reposado Double Cask, is aged first in American oak barrels and then finished in Buchanan’s blended scotch barrels.

While reposado tequila is only required to age for two months in oak barrels, the new Don Julio rests for ten months in American oak before getting an additional 30 days in the whisky barrels. Buchanan’s is known as a lighter scotch, so if you’re looking for peat and smoke, this won’t have it. But there will be some additional malty sweetness.

The tequila was some time in the making. In a release, Don Julio master distiller Enrique de Colsa said, “I spent three years experimenting with various cask options to perfect the flavor of this variant...I found that finishing the tequila for one month in casks used in the making of Buchanan’s Blended Scotch Whisky allowed me to create a tequila that perfectly balances the core flavor of Tequila Don Julio as well as the signature flavor of Buchanan’s Blended Scotch Whisky.”  

The last new tequila from Don Julio was its ultra premium extra añejo, which came out in 2012. That pricey bottle goes for as much as $350. The new double cask will be more affordable, but still a little tricky to get. Don Julio only produced 300 barrels of the limited edition tequila and it will be on sale later this summer until it’s gone for $59.99.