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This Gin Distillery Is Making Easter Eggs That Come with a Bottle of Booze

You might have thought that you’d outgrown Easter egg hunts once you turned 14, but you are so, so wrong. Edinburgh Gin Distillery just came out with a boozy Easter egg, so adults can get in on the fun too.

Each chocolate egg is wrapped in colorful foil and comes with a mini bottle of either rhubarb and ginger liqueur or elderflower liqueur. It’s the latest offering from the Scottish distillery, which is carving out a niche for itself in the world of sweeter liqueurs. Besides several different gin bottlings and the aforementioned rhubarb-ginger and elderflower, the distillery also makes a pomegranate and rose liqueur, a raspberry liqueur, and a plum and vanilla liqueur, although thus far they’ve kept those offerings out of the Easter eggs.

Right now, the eggs are available for 12.50 pounds (about $17.50) from John Lewis, a British department store. The rhubarb and ginger eggs proved so popular that they’ve already sold out. And, unfortunately, if you live in the U.S., John Lewis can’t ship you alcohol trans-Atlantic. If you can’t fly all the way to Great Britain to stock up on Easter provisions, you can still set up a boozy Easter egg hunt using our Easter egg Jello Shots. Or, if you want to go a little classier, you can mix up some more sophisticated Easter brunch cocktails. It’s never too early to start planning those Easter brunch festivities—especially when they involve hunting for booze.