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51 Houston Bars That Are Open on Christmas Day

Whether you're stuck in Houston away from your family, or stuck in Houston with your family, these bars are open and ready for you... if you need a little extra Christmas cheer (in this case, cheer = booze).

Little Woodrow’s Bellaire

Ditch the family for some buckets o’ beer starting at 7pm.

Reserve 101

Catch the Rockets with some whiskey, and uhhh, celebrate the holidays, too. Opens at 5pm.

Warren’s Inn

Put "Santa Baby" on the jukebox and all will be merry, starting at 2pm.

The Dirt Bar

This grungy bar is 100% rock 'n' roll. And rock 'n' roll doesn’t quit for anyone, not even baby Jesus. They open at 6pm.

Char Bar

Part bar, part tailor shop, you can get a stiff Martini and your pants hemmed starting at 7pm. It’s a Christmas miracle!

The Moonshiners Southern Table + Bar

This moonshine > your weird uncle’s moonshine. Opens at 6pm.


Christmas gets a whole lot weirder starting at 6pm.

Alex Gregg/Moving Sidewalk

Moving Sidewalk

Christmas will get a whole lot sexier once you down a few fancified cocktails starting at 8pm.

Little Woodrow’s EaDo

This dark and cozy bar is the perfect place to hide from your crazy Aunt Edna. Opens at 6pm.

Neil’s Bahr

Relive the days when your mom didn’t get you Mario Kart with some Mario Kart at your friend Neil’s starting at 6pm.

Richmond Arms

Galleria Area
Opening at 2pm, this dark and cozy pub will make you warm and fuzzy inside. And if it doesn’t, the multitude of pints you’ll be downing will.

RA Sushi

Galleria Area
Because nothing says Christmastime like sake bombs and spicy tuna rolls. Opens at 4pm.

Ron’s Pub 

Galleria Area
Cheap beer and heated darts competition beats cheap wine and heated arguments with your dad any day of the year, and especially on Christmas (opens at 5pm).


Garden Oaks/Oak Forest
Your late-night escape is here for you from 7pm onward.

Johnny’s Gold Brick

The only thing old fashioned about this holiday will be your drink. Opens at 4pm.

Onion Creek

This cozy bar and restaurant feels like home… if home were fun. Opens at 6pm.

Big Star Bar

It already sounds festive, right? Enjoy the fire pit and a frosty Lone Star starting at 7pm.

Jimmie’s Ice House

There’s no chiller spot for ditching your family. Case in point, they open noonish or "basically whenever we want."

Public House Heights

Starting at 6pm, get local brews, stiff drinks, and grape-flavored shots that will make this Christmas one to remember. Or not.

Little Woodrow’s in the Heights

The twinkling patio lights kinda look like a Christmas tree, right? See for yourself starting at 7pm.

Coaches Pub Midtown

Sports and pints are the name of the game at this Midtown retreat, opening at 5pm.

Maple Leaf Pub

See above, but substitute "hockey" for "sports". Opens around 6pm.

Celtic Gardens

These twinkling patio lights will remind you of the days of Christmas past, except it will be way cooler because you’ll have booze. Opens at 6pm.

Little Woodrow’s Midtown

May all of your Christmases be white and filled with cheap buckets of booze and a few rowdy games of corn hole. Opens at 6pm.

Christian’s Tailgate Midtown

Expect to get pitchers of beer sometime in the late afternoon/early evening.

Pub Fiction

Holiday merriment comes in the form of cheep beers and shots at 6pm.

Shot Bar

If all you want for Christmas is a shot wheel, head here starting at 6pm.

Wooster’s Garden

Crazy-good cocktails, house Fireball shots, and craft brews will make you forget all about the zero gifts you got this year. Opens at 6pm.

The Dogwood

Escape family mayhem to enter Midtown mayhem starting at 7pm.

Front Porch Pub

Take a Christmastime shot-ski starting at around 7pm.

Midtown Drinkery

It’s not too late to take your Christmas pictures in the photo booth starting at 8pm.

West Alabama Ice House

And if you’ve been really, really good this year, maybe Tacos Tierra Caliente will be open. The bar opens at 2pm.

JR’s Bar & Grill

Why go caroling when you could go karaoke-ing from 4pm onward?

Poison Girl

Come here for pinball, whiskey, and good vibes. Expect them to be open around 7pm.


And they’ve got bomb-ass cheeseburgers, too! Opens at 5pm.


It works for Saint Paddy’s Day, so why not Christmas? Look for it to open in the evening.

Becca Wright   

Stone’s Throw

How does a Christmas pub crawl sound? Start here and make your way down Westheimer to the next two bars. All holiday cocktails are $5. Opens at 7pm.


Next stop? Right next door at Boondocks. Opens at 7pm.

Royal Oak Bar & Grill

Don’t forget this one. There are $5 Fireballs awaiting your arrival. Opens at 7pm.

The Harp

Irish or not, you can celebrate Christmas the way only the Irish can starting at 7pm.    

The Ginger Man Pub

Rice Village/West U
Lots of beers and German things from 6pm on. Frohe Weihnachten!

Kelvin Arms

Rice Village/West U
Start your Boxing Day celebrations a day early, at 7pm or later.

Marquis II

Rice Village/West U
Fact: Texas tea > egg nog. Opens at 7pm.

Under the Volcano

Rice Village/West U
A few sturdy cocktails and you may just end up on Santa’s naughty list after all. Opens at 7pm.


River Oaks
If you're Irish, it'll be just like you're at home. Opening around 5pm.

Red Lion Pub

Upper Kirby
Pretend it’s actually cold outside and curl up with a Guinness at this British pub. Bonus: they're open at 11:30am!

Velvet Melvin

Upper Kirby
Fishbowls full of booze are truly the greatest gift of all. Opens 7pm.

Luke’s Ice House

Escape the inevitable family dysfunction at this friendly neighborhood bar. Expect it to open around 4pm.

Little Woodrow’s on Shepherd

Nachos count as dinner in our book. It's open at 6pm.

Beer Market Company

Craft suds do a Merry Christmas make. Opens at 6pm.

Liberty Station

Stiff drinks and craft beers are ready to keep you merry, starting at 7pm

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Brooke Viggiano is a Houston writer who wholeheartedly believes booze is the greatest Christmas gift of all. Tweet her @BrookeViggiano if you agree.