How to Make the Most of Your Summer Fridays

David Saracino

You probably don’t need a recent study to tell you this, but ... a recent study found that workers are 45% more distracted during the summer than they are during the rest of the year. That’s because beautiful summer days are no time to be cooped up at work, no matter where you work. It’s so obvious, even upper management noticed it, and that’s how summer Fridays were born. It turns out, summer Fridays actually increase overall productivity (per another recent study). Well, we’re here to show you how to increase your summer Friday fun productivity. Because our (informal yet 100% accurate) studies show that fun leads to a more balanced, healthy, and, yes, productive life.

Frontload your schedule, and get in early to guarantee you don’t get out late

Key follow-up: You must defend this schedule against anyone or thing that would pile more work onto it. Don’t give in. Maintain the perimeter!

Use the afternoon to batch up some cocktails for the weekend

Such as this one, this one, or this one. Also: this one. Doing this on Friday afternoon will free you up to enjoy your weekend gatherings; and, as chores go, they don’t get more fun than making delicious tropical punches for all your friends to enjoy.

David Saracino

Try a new cocktail

Use the extra free time to tap into your inner explorer, and research that classic drink you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet, or to discover something completely new. That could be an authentic Mai Tai, a genuine Piña Colada or a signature creation you’ve seen at your local cocktail spot.

Plan your exit strategy with Special Forces–like precision

For example, if you're renting a car to get out of the city, consider taking a train—which will run on time—to a point outside city limits, and picking up the rental there. You’ll avoid standstill traffic, and rental rates are lower outside the city (to say the least). But whatever you’re up to, know the what, where, when, and who before your Friday starts.


Frozen Captain & Cola - Supercall - Summer Fridays - Captain Morgan
Matthew Zach

Four Words: Frozen Captain and Cola

Looking for a quality use of your time on a wide-open summer Friday? Commandeer your blender and whip up a bunch of summer-ready Frozen Captain and Colas for you and your pals. They take the classic combo to the next level.

Use this three-pack of packing tips

1) First in, last out: the first item you put in your bag will be the hardest to access, so pack in reverse order. The thing you’re going to need first on your trip goes into your bag last, so it’s on top when you need it. 2) Think symmetry: fold or roll your garments (depending on what they are) so that they’re all roughly the same size and you have uniformity within your bag, making things easier to access. 3) Pack more socks and underwear than number of days in your trip. (Better to have and not need them than the reverse. By far.)

David Saracino

Set up a road-trip playlist in advance

If you’re traveling in a group, have everyone contribute. Group-think works wonders in this situation. There’s some music that’s just made for the open highway. Load it all up before the rubber meets the road, then let ‘er rip once you buckle in. Road trip enhanced by at least 38%. (This also works for a summer Friday party, and takes DJ duties off the host's plate.)

Jump on the free time to do something practical that frees you up for fun later

This could be laundry, grocery shopping, a workout—or some combination of tasks. Which ever one it is for you, it’ll free up time later in your weekend, for pure, undiluted fun. This is how productivity and fun go so well together, like carrots and peas, Solo and Chewie, lime and rum.