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Topless girls and bottle service. And topless girls.

Published On 04/22/2013 Published On 04/22/2013
Sapphire Pool & Day Club -- Girls

After four long years of bouncing around so its topless entertainers could do the same, Sapphire finally has a permanent pool/day club right next door to its award-winning gentleman's club, which is always just about five blessed minutes away from wherever you are... if you're in Vegas. If you're in Cincinnati, it's, like, an hour at least

Costing a mere $8 million (or approximately 12.6 billion above-ground pools), the club can host up to 700 people without much clothing on, thanks to all the lounge chairs, day beds, VIP cabanas, and hot tubs you could ever want. Plus, the girls from the club are going to party here all day, so that's cool too

The pool is not an actual strip joint, but like many of the Vegas pool clubs, it's very strongly encouraged to go topless, and there are plenty of pasties to go around

Be careful not to step on the attractive women basking by the pool

This is Grace. She's a bartender

These are some other employees who will attempt to talk you into bottle service

And here are some more.

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1. Sapphire Pool & Day Club 3025 Industrial Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Sapphire hooks up pool party-goers with the ultimate experience: the pool is small enough (for a classier feel), the mixed drinks are worth the $10-$14, and you can dry your neon suit in an actual swimsuit dryer, so you don't leave the premise reeking of tanning oil, booze, and Taylor Swift remixes.



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