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Mechanical bulls and giant hot dogs in the Venetian

The Imperial Palace has fallen, because Luke Skywalker shot it with a proton torpedo, then made out with his sister, or something. But arising nevertheless is Rockhouse, which has been reborn at the Venetian to provide the same dirty(ish) dive-bar feel in a larger, slicker space with a lot more tacos.9000sqft is a lot of space, so why not fill it with three bars, 83 TVs, pool tables, beer-pong tables, tire swings for the bartenders, and... ... cages filled with chicks? Don't mess with the one at the bottom, she's mad strong.The menu is hilarious! Like, seriously -- who would name a cocktail the Baltimore Zoo?! What a bunch of pranksters!Expect foie gras on EVERYTHING bar snacks galore. These are the Smokey Chipotle Chicken Sliders.The build-your-own-taco menu lets you check off your preferred selections for meat, tortilla, cheese, sauces, and toppings.The same goes for the dogs, with which you can also neatly control of the size of your weiner.And of course, they brought the mechanical bull. Just hop on and steady yourself by grabbing that thing -- IT'S A STRAP!!