Control the Bellagio fountains while drinking an 8-gallon bottle of bubbly

Hyde Bellagio -- $250,000 package

Hyde from That '70s Show: pretty cool. Controlling the Bellagio's fountains while drinking from the world's largest bottle of champagne at superclub Hyde: slightly cooler. And it only costs $250,000.Whether it's cash or Diner's Club, once your $250k is paid, they'll sit you down at the most coveted table in the club, with a prime view of all the classy slow-dancing that takes place inside, and also the lagoon which will soon become your personal water canvas.Here's how the fountains work: you pick some songs from their list (from "Viva Las Vegas", to "Luck Be a Lady", to Elton John's "Your Song", which you should actually not tell everybody is your song), then open up a gold box to reveal a red button that looks like it would normally have some "DO NOT HIT THIS BUTTON" warning on it. Hit that button. It'll gear up 4500 lights and 1200 nozzles, some of which can fire water 460ft into the air. And the whole time, your table will be lit up so everyone knows who to ask for bubbly, and that you're super-rich. Or, used to be super-rich. Once the fountains start dancing, your 30L Midas Ace of Spades champagne (the one on the right) will be delivered. That's 1014.42oz, 480 cups, 7.9 gallons, or 40 normal bubbly bottles.If you can't drop six figures on a bottle, it's amazing anyone hangs out with you. But Hyde also offers a crazy selection of other bottle service packages like the "I'm on a Boat" -- even though the girl is technically the one on a boat when she brings you your bubbly. But, again, everyone will look at you, and "I'm on a Boat" will definitely play. They don't have that one synced up to the fountains yet. Leather-clad chicks on Harleys can also bring you your booze. This costs a lot less.Or... this guy. Your call.

Hyde Bellagio -- $250,000 package
Hyde Bellagio -- $250,000 bottle service red button
Hyde Bellagio -- I'm on a boat
Hyde Bellagio --Harley Package
Hyde Bellagio -- Superman Package
Hyde Bellagio -- Pink Panther Package
Hyde Bellagio -- Mario Brothers Package