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A hidden bar inside a launderette

The King of ladies man bar

So The Breakfast Club has now opened on Battersea Rise, but if you want to detain yourself beyond mere morning belly-fillers, then take a wander round…

The King of ladies man launderette

At the back, there's an ordinary launderette -- a typical sight in London cafes.

The King of ladies man launderette

But wait! The wall slides back to reveal a hidden bar: The King of Ladies Man. Things will get a little dirtier from here on out.

The King of ladies man seating

It's got a '70s theme, not that the liberal use of gold lamé didn't tip you off.

The King of ladies man tables

Yes, those are flamingoes on that wall, guaranteeing you'll always be drinking with plenty of fine-looking birds.

The King of ladies man stained glass

At the bar, front-and-centre, they've placed a vintage, stained-glass Freudian slip.

The King of ladies man playboys

You know what? We've changed our minds. Henry Cavill was miscast.

The King of ladies man bartenders hawaiian shirts

All bartenders wear Hawaiian shirts. Wait, that's supposed to be a '70s thing? Uh oh.

The King of ladies man aloha

Say "Aloha" to one of them, and they'll make you this glorious thing, filling it w/ rye, advocaat, banana & mango.

The King of ladies man thai green colada cocktail

The list of disco drinks goes on, with this Thai Green Colada, mixing coriander & coconut rum -- others include the Wallbanger w/ vodka, peat whiskey & marmalade, and the Mr Miyagi, whose seaweed-infused vodka you may well wax on about.

The King of ladies man craft beers

To soak it up, they have an entire cheese menu (from chorizo & gruyere toasties, to pulled pork & applewood pot noodles), while from this century, there's a list of constantly rotating craft beers. Think that sounds good? Join the Club.