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British beer, Thai food, and you

People hoping to "find themselves" generally either go to Thailand or the pub, but now, thanks to Oaka, they can just go down to Kennington, where Brit brewery Oakham Ales has teamed up with a Thai chef so you can find yourself Southeast Asian tastiness and a decent pint in a sleek space elegantly enveloped in deeply varnished wood

The food runs the Thai gamut from "weeping tiger" beef rib eye (he's sad because he's not the one eating this delicious cow), to crispy soft-shell crab tossed in fried herbs & chiles, and baby back pork ribs glazed w/ Oakham's “Citra” ale

They've paried their wares with the full lineup of Oakham hops, from the Inferno ("a light, igniting ale that flickers across the palate"), to the Bishop’s Farewell, a cask number that's dominated by elaborate "fruity notes", which hopefully wasn't the reason for his having to say goodbye.