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Victorian-style mixers in Hackney

Because Alice in Wonderland maaaay have been inspired by intoxicants ("tea" party? Sure.), the folks behind White Rabbit Cocktail Club in Stoke Newington have now opened a cocktail-slinging boozer in Hackney that one-ups the Lewis Carroll theme. The interior's got a low-lit, Victoriana-style vibe, filled w/ vintage pieces and plush "Louis XVI-inspired" furnishings (though it really appears to be more of a Charles X kinda look, right?!). The inventive drink list is all on-theme, like The Looking Glass Fizz, which combines gin & gingerbread syrup; the popcorn-infused bourbon of the Pop Goes The Walrus; and the Modern Gentleman, w/ salted-caramel, rum, and Mozart bitters (Salieri's favorite).At the back, there's even a huge mirror (or "looking glass", if you will), that opens up to reveal their events space, w/ acts lined up including old-school Hollywood burlesque from Miss Dolly Rose, and the latex-clad Marnie Scarlet, both of whom should make you grin like a Cheshire Cat.