Food & Drink

A slick, hidden speakeasy in Fitzrovia

It's well-known that inside every libertine (that includes you Doherty), there's a lot of booze, and the Libertine Club in Fitzrovia is no exception, hiding a speakeasy underneath dubbed Reason & Mankind, courtesy of the folks behind Purl & Worship Street. The name comes from a poem by Restoration-era hell-raiser the Earl of Rochester (apparently they didn't want to go with "Oh syphilis, my syphilis"?), and the decor follows his lead with decadently plush velvet banquettes surrounded by embossed wallpaper and silent movies projected onto the walls. Onto the drinks, starting with this Tophat & Tails made with... hey wait, where's the booze?!Don't worry! That hat is merely concealing a rum punch along with the cherrywood smoke lacing it, and -- get this -- it's served in a glass with a built-in straw so ingenious, you'll be doffing your cap to it. If you're extra-thirsty, they'll happily furnish you with this Sailor’s Nod; a whole tankard of rum agricole, something called "bottle-aged shrub of passion fruit", plus lavender & mango tea -- perfect, if you're feeling groggy.There's even this Silver Needle, made w/ "creamy gin" & vermouth, with a side of jasmine tea & orange bitters added via a syringe that you should make sure to keep away from Pete Doherty.

The drinks selection at Reason & Mankind
the concealed tophat & tails at Reason & Mankind
The tophat & tails at Reason & Mankind
The sailor's nod at Reason & Mankind
The Silver Needle at Reason & Mankind