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Borough classic comes back bigger & better

After three years spent waiting for the train (well, the train company) to leave, Borough Market classic The Wheatsheaf is back, with an expanded space set next to the new railway, and sporting the wood-hewn aesthetic of a fancied-up farmhouse.Despite their troubled past, they've been good enough to put up a live board of London Bridge departures, though you may find it just as difficult to leave as the trains apparently do. Outside, they've converted this VW Camper into a BBQ, whose daily changing meat specials'll be putting the spare tyres on you. Snap up some Hay Box Ham, wrapped in hay and smoked. Or maybe you want some Whiskey Ribs instead? They're grilled with the stuff after being slow-cooked for 12hrs in cider, so it was pretty inevitable they'd end up sauced.If you like your apple-hooch in glasses, you'll find Aspalls, plus crafts like Hackney Brewery's Pale Ale, and Camden Hells, both capable of making you extremely delayed.