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Where to make the most of your workday break

If Londoners can be proud of one thing, it's the fact that we can have a pint of beer, at lunchtime, during the work week, in a pub, and all without requiring a thinly veiled threat from the boss, or a wussy siesta, later. Here's a lineup of a few of the capital's best spots for the swift midday refreshment of both mind & body. Soho: Newman Arms23 Rathbone Street; 020 7636 1127They've got great beer (Timmy Taylors, Harveys, etc.), and a pie room upstairs -- and they're great for lunchtime, because the service is so fast the council literally ordered them to slow it down. Phew, thanks council! Yes, you read correctly: "pie room"...The City: The Jamaica Wine HouseSt Michaels Alley; Cornhill; 020 7929 6972Jamaica Wine House? Yes, they did, and they stuck it below this alley-secluded pub, then filled the bar with delicious cask Kentish ales, so it's kind of like that other winehouse that... is no longer acceptable to make jokes about.Are you up to the cask?Shoreditch: The Book Club100-106 Leonard Street; 020 7684 8618Great bar, open all day, they have ping pong, and, most importantly, they have a regular "Lunchtime Disco" from 12-3pm on Fridays, with a DJ, flashing lights, and a person dressed as a sandwich, which will make you feel like you're on a roll. Read all about it right here...London Bridge: Katzenjammers24 Southwark Street; 0777 1363 542It's a damn German beer hall! It's underground, so, naturally, a nice secluded spot to have a stein. Plus, you get ladies dressed in dirndls, as well as pretzels & wursts, which are the best. The Germans do have a way with beer...King's Cross: Caravan King's Cross1 Granary Square; King's Cross; 020 7101 7661Ostensibly a coffee shop, they actually have Camden Hells & Pale Ale on tap, as well as their own homebrew coffee porter, plus, you can sober-up quickly with an actual coffee.Mmm... coffee porter...

Newman Arms pint on bar.
The Jamaica Wine House exterior.
The Book Club bar.
Katzenjammers table.
Caravan King's Cross interior.