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An underground Japanese whiskey bar in Soho

Because any culture that gave the world karaoke had to first know a thing or two about drinking, Mizuwari, underneath Soho yakitori spot Bincho, is here to school you on proper cocktailing, Rising Sun-style.The spot's dark, speakeasy-style interior proudly displays "one of London's largest collections" of Japanese booze (a claim they back with a lot of high proof), even counting their own mini-barrel of bourbon-aged Yamazaki.They use an incredibly clear, huge block of ice to cool all their drinks, which rocks.These are the cutting implements they use to carve it/make sure you pay your bill.It's all chipped by hand… well, either that or The Crystal Maze is back.It all goes into drinks like this Taisho cocktail, marrying Hakushu 12yo w/ elderflower in a highball. You'll also find mixeds like this Tokyo Sour, which's clearly just mad it didn't get any of that sweet, sweet ice.Then there's this Daikon, a powerful combo of Yamazaki 12, cherry bitters, and absinthe -- maybe the only way you ever see yourself singing in front of strangers.