A brewpub, 100 years in the making

Located downtown in a 100yr-old building that's named after the dude who helped design the Brooklyn Bridge and that once housed a factory that churned out Slinkys (!!), Angel City Brewing's a suds-making beerhall busting out literally the freshest craft beers possible, from the barrel to the tap.They've got some weirdness left behind from past tenants, including this slide that was presumably used for sending down shipping packages/hilarious Goo Goo Dolls references.The magic happens back here, though, with the main brewer -- not this dude who's cleaning up his mess -- but a crazy red-haired guy who proved his meddle at Gordon Biersch, and's now brewing everything from large batches of kinda-standard IPAs to teensy batches of off-the-wall suds spiced with a jus sauce.They'll all be available at ACB's eight, extra-sexy rotating taps.And you'll get to enjoy them either at the well-lit, totally safe bar pictured way up top, or at these ominously lit, totally safe (??) picnic tables.Eureka! Is the name of this beer!