Behind the bouncer at Hollywood's new oontzery

From the velvet-ropers responsible for Playhouse, Sound's a high-end club in the former home of Element with plenty of room (8,000sqft) for you to pretend like you understand what the person next to you is yelling ("I JUST ACCIDENTALLY KILLED SOMEONE!" *nod* "YEAH THIS MUSIC IS GREAT!")

The DJ booth's enhanced with a cochlea-rattling proprietary speaker system from Funktion One, a renowned British company that does the sound for the Chemical Brothers

Like Leonardo DiCaprio's favorite vessel, the dance floor is sunken, plus they've got projection screens spread throughout with custom videos and, as any self-respecting club does, a top-notch laser light show

The massive room's also has three full-bottle-service bars, plus they've even got street food-inspired snacks like bacon-wrapped hot dogs and pork sliders, which, like the chick who's sweating Jerry O'Connell in every dimension, will be high up on your to-do list.