These guys are brewing AVOCADO BEER, and you could be drinking it

Avocado Beer at Angel City, Los Angeles
Angel City Brewing
Angel City Brewing

Because, as we excitedly stated earlier, um... AVOCADO BEER, the crazy redheaded brewer at Angel City's come up with exactly that and's launching it at a mini-festival this Saturday with (avocado-based!) foods and (non-avocado-based!) bands. Here all the deets

Beer:Yep, he's used traditional guacamole ingredients (avo, garlic, cilantro... don't say love, please don't say love) to make this debuting-this-weekend brew, which comes on the heels of other insanity that he's knocked out this year, including "Pickle Weiss" and the "French Sip", which is like a French Dip except it's actua-- well, you get the idea.

Food:They're gonna have Steel City knocking out sandwiches, as well as popsicles from Octopop, which does an avocado-based popsicle, natch (free to the first 50 attendees); they'll also have a guacamole contest going on, where the clear winner will be EVERYONE THERE WHO IS ALSO DRINKING AVOCADO BEER.

Entertainment:There will also be bands outside allllll day, including the pedal-steel-driven Sunset Drifters, the folksy RT and the 44s (whose name alone confounds Twitter and record collectors), and the mysterious band Root Shakur, who either cover Tupac songs in an Americana fashion or are soon going to be asked for their name by someone who does.