15 spots to drink outside, with your dog, in LA

Doggy Social

Because you shouldn't have to choose between responsible pet ownership and cold-ass beers, we scoured the city to find LA's best establishments for enjoying both.

So here they are: the 15 best places to drink outdoors in LA with your dog, which include everything from ice-cold water bowls to "doggie decks" to free, made-in-house pooch treats.

Danny Jensen

Eagle Rock and Hollywood
Both the original Eagle Rock location and the new Hollywood location of this beloved meat mecca offer well-shaded, dog-friendly patios where you can drink all the beers, and your little dude can sip from water bowls and keep a watchful eye for stray shreds of meat... which you're sure to drop if you opt for burgerlord status and take on Royale’s unwieldy tower of pastrami, bacon, burger, and chili.

Doggy Social LA

Beer brewers seem to be an exceptionally dog-friendly bunch, and this sprawling and busy brewpub is no exception. Like, REALLY no exception: they recently hosted a dog park fundraiser, they've got fake grass, an umbrella-covered “doggie deck”, water bowls, and doggie biscuits ($5/bag) made from spent brewing grain. Most importantly though, they've got plenty of Golden Road beer (for you, not the dog).

Danny Jensen

Los Feliz and Silverlake
Considered the doggy social club of the Eastside for many, both Home locations hook up the hounds with free, organic doggie treats, plenty of water, and large, shaded courtyards. With dog-/people-friendly staff, cheap booze specials for brunch, and a ginormungous menu of generous portions, you and your dog will feel right at… well, you get it.

Danny Jensen

Not only does this hoppin’ Downtown brewery have a huge patio where your little man can sun himself, but the sprawling indoor area at Angel City is also open to tail-wagging bros (excluding the brewing facilities, 'cause that could get messy). Water bowls abound, fetch-able frisbees are for sale, you can BYODog food, and every month the brewery hosts “Barks, Bubbles, and Brews”, which converts the outdoor space into a dog-washing party and fundraiser for Much Love Animal Rescue. Your pup gets groomed, you enjoy infinity pints, and a dog charity benefits: everybody wins! But mostly you, because beer!

Rachel Thomas/The Must

The cozy patio of this sleek, Downtown wine bar works well for not-giant dogs (things can get a bit crowded) who like water bowls and made-in-house “Snickerpoodles”, and any-size humans who like alcohol.

Doggie Social LA

Two -- yes, that’s right -- well-covered patios are available for your collared amigo at this busy K-town joint. The dog-friendly crew at Beer Belly (sometimes the owners bring their dogs, too) will bust out a bowl of fresh water for the pooches (nice!) and offer you their rotating selection of crafty brews, plus duck fat fries and volcano chipotle wings (nice-er!).

The Cat & Fiddle

This secluded doggie oasis in the middle of Hollywood hooks up sun-soaked slobberers until 6pm. Plenty of shade and water bowls are great, of course, but what really gets them panting is the sizable, dogs-only menu, featuring sausages, chicken and rice, a burger patty, and smaller snacks. Bonus: $4.50 happy hour beers!

Danny Jensen

Grab some all-natural treats and supplies at Tailwaggers, then head next door to this dog-themed (wallpaper, paintings, photos, literally everything) Fairfax hideaway's cozy patio, which is down with your d-o-double-g until 7pm. And while he gets in on the snacks you brought, you'll get in on Fat Dog's braised short rib French dip, and dog-named craft cocktails.


West Hollywood
This upscale, hound-happy, Sunset Strip retreat offers something he'll dig (a tree-shaded, faux-grass patio in front), something you'll dig (artisan cocktails served in pitchers), and something you'll both dig (a damn-fine burger). Also cool: they'll hook your dog up with bowls of flat or sparkling water (seriously).

Blue Plate Oysterette

Mid-Wilshire and Santa Monica
Both the new W 3rd St location and the original Santa Monica location of BPO are super-dog-friendly (see fan-equipped covered patios), and they'll keep you both cool on a hot day by bringing out water bowls for him, and beer/wine/more beer for you.

Superba Food + Bread

This recent addition to dog-happy Venice sports a sunny, tree-lined patio, quality house-made dog treats, fresh water (for both of you!), a decent list of crafts, and an even more decent list of elevated grub.

Doggy Social LA

West LA
The Westside digs of this modernist burger & brew bar offer plenty of semi-shaded outdoor seating for dog owners, but it fills up fast. While the bowl of water they provide your buddy will be significantly weaker than the Japanese whisky you just ordered, you’ll both be satiated and inclined to share the pig candy-loaded Bleuprint Burger. Then again, you might want to keep that to yourself.

Doggy Social LA

Nestled right next to the 405, this SFV beer-lover sanctuary is also a dog-lovers haven (in case the name and hundreds of framed dog photos didn’t clue you in). Their sizable patio offers plenty of shade, bowls of ice water, and you can order burger patties for your little dude. Back to the beer thing though: this place is one of the best bars in the Valley (like, in writing and everything), plus-Plus-PLUS, it has one of LA’s best under-the-radar burgers. Oh, and don’t forget to stop by the pets-only day spa across the parking lot. Or do. It's your money.

Beachwood BBQ

Long Beach
Tired of cruising around the LBC? Hit up the promenade-facing patio of this dog-friendly brewpub, which is loaded with bowl-able dog water and pint-able craft beers, both best enjoyed under their new patio sunshades. And should you order up a full slab of their baby back ribs (and you should), maybe hook your boy up with one/two/all of the bones.

Danny Jensen

Atwater Village
A cavernously cool front patio offers a great view of the many other canines strolling Glendale Blvd at this Atwater favorite, which's armed with the prerequisite dog-hydration bowls, the also-prerequisite person-hydration pints of craft beer, plus “Mexican BBQ”, loaded burgers & brunch specials like brisket & egg tacos and pulled pork pancakes.

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Danny Jensen is a regular Thrillist LA contributor and apparently an aspiring dog photographer. Ask him to come shoot yours in exchange for beer on Twitter: @dannyseamus.