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How to hit downtown LA's sexiest cocktail bar since The Edison

Published On 08/11/2013 Published On 08/11/2013
ederson crossing
Scotty Tomaino

Ebanos Crossing isn't actually the Coen brothers' long-awaited gangster movie sequel, but a cocktail bar/restaurant meant to evoke the idea that you're in a '20s smugglers' haven, because noted '20s smugglers really loved plush couches, exposed brick, and ridiculously on-point cocktails. BONUS: These ones are all from the award-winning former head bartender at NYC's ultra-lauded Death & Co. and Mayahuel. Here's how to hit it right:

Scotty Tomaino

Start your night off in a square chair, because triangular chairs are for hippies.

Then, suck down some apps, like these oysters w/ lime-habanero butter...

Scotty Tomaino

... or their Mediterranean spiced goat tacos.

Scotty Tomaino

Wash 'em down with this ancho chile-infused, Mezcal-based Pueblocito, which will begin to colonize... your liver.

Scotty Tomaino

Move into the swanky front room...

Scotty Tomaino

... and help yourself to these sliders w/ braised pork, Black Forest ham, smoked Gouda, and maple mustard.

Scott Tomaino

In case that's not enough pork for you: this Old Fashioned's got bacon bourbon and some extra-special pig up top. You lose, brandied cherries.

Scotty Tomaino

Finally, make it into this main room...

Scotty Tomaino

And finish things off with this fried chicken sandwich w/ jalapeno slaw...

Scotty Tomaino

... and the absinthe-y Yesterday's Noose (because, let's face it -- you're now definitely closer to death).

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1. Ebanos Crossing 200 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (Downtown)

This sexy cocktailery was inspired by a '20s gangster vibe, and it serves up top-notch 'tails in a plush setting.



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