5 things you need to know about LA's first-ever cat cafe

Stop EVERYTHING: this weekend (starting today and going through Sunday), there will be a pop-up cat cafe (aptly named Catfe!) in Far East Plaza in Chinatown. Pop-up cat cafe. Chinatown. Today through Sunday. Yes, this is real. Here's everything you need to know:

Flickr/Lori L. Stalteri

1. It's basically a Starbucks, except... with cats!

They'll have what-you'd-expect-from-a-cafe libations (coffee, tea, etc.), and you can also bring food from anywhere nearby. Related: Chego! and Starry Kitchen are both nearby.


2. Petting is encouraged

Literally, you can just sit there, pet cats, drink coffee, and be all like, "Yeah. This is what it's all about".


3. There will be music. And cat maids.

Yep: live performances from the kind-of Anime-ish band Lolita Dark, which actually has songs about cats. And, because this thing was originally started in Japan, there will be cat maids. And cat butlers. Who, like, maid and butler the cats. Naturally.


4. It's all for a good cause

The whole thing is a fundraiser for a no-kill animal shelter and all the cats there will be up for adoption -- provided you're 18/promise not to use it to hunt Smurfs.


5. There's a Kickstarter to make this thing permanent

The owner says he's got a space ready to go and just needs the money to make it happen, so if you wanna get in the middle of the sandwich above, y'know, time to donate.

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Jeff Miller is the Senior City Editor of Thrillist LA and is kinda more of a dog guy. Throw him some cute cat photos to change his mind on Instagram at @jeffmillerla or Twitter at @ThrillistLA.