Drink booze and help the Marathon bombing victims at the same time


Show everyone how compassionate and caring you are, by doing what you were already planning to do on Saturday, as a shload of restaurants, bars, and barstaurants are having fundraisers for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing -- meaning the more you drink, the more you help. So here are some of the best places to, um, help a lot:

Short Order (6333 W 3rd St; Mid-Wilshire):What they're offering: All proceeds from the farmers-market-adjacent burger-and-cocktailery's white rum punch will be going to the charity.Boston Fun Fact to impart to all the people with The Price Is Right nametags walking by: "The boulevards of Back Bay were fashioned after the ones in Paris, while the South End's street designs are more like London. Southie just kind of looks like Southie."

Osteria La Buca (5210 Melrose; Hollywood):What they're offering: 100% of the proceeds from any classic pizza, and their special tequila-and-vermouth Boston cocktail.Boston Fun Fact to impart: "The Puritans named it after Boston, Lincolnshire, England, though it was originally called Trimountaine, or 'three mountains', by its earliest European settlers. And that's why there's a Tremont Street."

Rock 'n Fish (Downtown and Manhattan Beach):What they're offering: Both the Downtown and Manhattan Beach locations are donating all the money from their Navy Grog cocktail on Sat.Boston Fun Fact to shout enthusiastically: "Paul Revere didn't say, 'The British are coming.' He said, 'The Regulars are coming out.' Isn't that sexier?!?"

Villains Tavern (1356 Palmetto; Downtown):What they're offering: Massive punchbowls that serve 40 drinks or so (!), with half the $300 price tag going to the victims.Boston Fun Fact you'll tell the bartender as he twirls his moustache: "There exists a 1980s punk rock compilation called This Is Boston, Not LA. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones were NOT on it."

Dog Haus Biergarten (95 E Green; Pasadena):What they're offering: 100% of the proceeds from the boozy Boston Strong Tea.Boston Fun Fact you'll mention when you're figuring out how the hell to get home: "They've got great public transportation, dammit."

Drink at Short Order, Los Angeles
Pizza at Osteria La Buca, Los Angeles
Navy Grog at Rock N Fish, Los Angeles
Villains Tavern, Los Angeles
Dog Haus, Pasadena