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Art parties, beer pong, and models

Los Angeles
  • Red Bull put together this actually badass art project, which debuts tonight at Factory West in WeHo: they got a bunch of graphic artists to team up with legit venues (Brick & Mortar, KCRW, The Well, etc) to make inspired pieces that'll be displayed in the venues after this show. Also: open bar. Find out much more right here
  • More actually cool art? Yep! Every year, Coachella gets a ton of legit artists to doll up garbage cans used as recycling bins at the fest; this year they're showing them at a spot in Downtown, w/ live music and booze for the opening party tonight. What artists? Find out right here.Saturday

  • Originally a backyard blowout, El Clasico Cuatro's now an open-to-the-public, co-ed beer-pong tournament with 80 teams competing for domination and prizes, a one-hour open bar for spectators, a live electronica band, and March Madness playing throughout. Grab a ladyfriend for your team and reserve your spot using the code "Thrillist" for 20% off the open bar at EventBrite


  • Free craft beer and ultra-discounted rock-inspired gear in Seal Beach, at Tankfarm's anniversary sale. Added bonus: afterparty at Hennessey's. Bonus bonus: whiskey tastings. What else? Peep the flier for more.
  • Sunday
  • Blatantly stare at hot chicks during Love Of Fashion, an open-bar party with a runway show and tons of models you're probably going to be too intimidated to talk to since you're not Ed Begley Jr. RSVP to their Facebook page
  • Tuesday
  • 'Cause they've got a new spring Maibock (it's a beer!), Gordon Biersch is throwing a tasting party at their restaurant in Burbank, with samples of the hops plus tastes of Asian ribs and Parmesan-encrusted chicken. Get hungry looking at food pics right here
  • Ongoing

  • Starting this weekend, super-acclaimed new resto Littlefork's dropping brunch awesome like maple eggs w/ crispy bacon and Nutella-stuffed French toast. See what else is on this epic menu right here

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