Glendale's spot for bands & booze

Not just what you have about circus clowns (but seriously, think about how dark and dead their souls must be), Complex is a dark-in-a-different-way, divey 150-person-cap music venue and booze hall in the heart of Glendale.Most nights, the focus will be on bands, not all of whom are filled with alarmingly disengaged chicks. Music will range from "dark electronica" to presumably lighter indie rock, and it'll all be played on their custom, ultra-crisp sound system specifically designed for the room. They'll also have a "Geeks Who Drink" trivia night on Tuesdays and a "Confident Geeks Who Sing Because It Gives Them A Purpose And Shows Everyone Who Made Fun Of Them On The Lacrosse Team That All That Time In Show Choir In High School Is Finally Paying Off" karaoke night on Mondays featuring a massive song list with stuff that's not found in most karaoke bars. Also, that might not be exactly what they call it. Booze-wise, they're infusing many of the liquors in-house, and they've also got a craft-filled beer list, which includes Old Speckled Hen on draft and bottles of Clown Shoes Clementine… AHHHHHH!!!