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Dirty Laundry
Is this the sexiest bar in LA?

No longer just a hidden reason for a surprise trip home (yay Mom!), Dirty Laundry's now one of the sexiest bars in the city. Why? First off, it's from the Houston Brothers, also responsible for show-stoppers like Pour Vous and La Descarga. Secondly, it's completely hidden underground (underneath their OTHER bar, No Vacancy) with a know-the-password-or-don't-get-in buzzer (find it on their Twitter). Oh also, there's the word "SEX" in big letters as you walk in. For real...

Jeff Miller
Drinks come from a collective that includes the guy who opened The Apothecary in NYC. Standouts include this Hollywood Park, which you'll bet on since it's got bourbon, mint, cactus, pear, and... Pop Rocks, which is also a nice thing to say about your dad.
Jeff Miller
Not wild enough for you? What about this barley-infused, rye-based High Desert? May look mellow now...
Jeff Miller
... but only seconds before, it was literally sparking and aflame, thanks to an on-fire absinthe rinse.
Jeff Miller
If you like your sexiness totally intimate (and who doesn't?), you can bring it into this teeny-tiny Valentino room, named for Rudy -- who once owned this very bar. There is no room celebrating Sean Astin.
Jeff Miller
You can get an Almond Old-Fashioned, implying to your date that you're exactly that (old-fashioned, not almond)...
Jeff Miller
... and she may like this tequila-based Virtuous Sinner -- because hopefully, she is one.
Jeff Miller
Find out for sure in this hidden-in-the-back dance room, where you can snag a table made from an actual laundry bin or, you know, dance... specifically to DJs from bands like The Black Keys and Florence and The Machine. Tangential but important: if your mom is named Florence, definitely make a Florence and The Washing Machine joke when she does your laundry.
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1. Dirty Laundry 1725 Hudson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

This sexy joint wreaks of pure badass-ery. It's oozing with Almond Old-Fashioned's, zesty tequila drinks, and on-fire absinthe. Oh, and there's a huge dancing section in the back that's hidden.

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