The best equine action in the city

Whether you're a stud working on the set of the new live-action My Little Pony movie, or just your average workhorse taking little bratty humans around Griffith Park, you likely need a place to go after work where you can let down your mane, buck off your saddle, and get someone to feed you sugar cubes. To that end, we rounded up all the hippest horse hangs in and around the city, so you'll know exactly where to hitchin'-post up.

The Surly Goat7929 Santa Monica Blvd; West Hollywood Maybe it's because I grew up on a pretty liberal farm, where the goats were free to hang with us and walk along our backs while eating tin cans, but I have a soft spot for them, and it's not just the bruised area where they used to walk along my back. Plus I've also got a soft spot for anything that has barley in it, and the Goat has 27 liquid barley drinks on tap. Wait, what's that? It's called beer? No, that doesn't sound right.

Stall 239239 S Vermont; KoreatownQuick story: my family was pretty wealthy -- dad was an American Warmblood (back when that used to mean something), mom was a French Trotter -- and the stalls in our barn back home were legendary: all solid brass accents, sweeping curves, and semi-private wash bays. Anyways, that has nothing to do with a street food place that serves those annoying birds that used to wake me up at the ass-crack of dawn, but whatever, the name reminded me. This is going to be edited anyway, right?

Outpost 1624 Cahuenga; HollywoodA stereotype about horses I can't stand: we don't like watching sports, just because our dichromatic vision doesn't allow us to distinguish between green and red, and our acuity is significantly lower than that of a human, and we're constantly going to the bathroom all over the floor. Well, whatever. I still like going to the Outpost to watch the Broncos play, plus on those Sundays they've got a $10 all-you-can-eat buffet. I'm strictly forbidden from standing anywhere near it, of course, but it seemed worth pointing out.

Veladora and The Pony Room5921 Valencia Circle; Rancho Santa Fe I've got a ton of friends in stables down in Rancho, and after we lope (ok, fine, mostly trot, LOL) around the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Course, we usually head over here for happy hour, though it gets significantly less happy when they light those fire pits an-- MOTHER OF ALL EQUINES, WHAT IS THAT WISPY BALL OF ORANGE DANGER LASHING OUT AT MY FACE?!?!