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Little Dom's Will Have 7-Cent Martinis (Yep!) This Wednesday

Because it's Little Dom's birthday and its staff likes charging a completely nominal fee for drinks, this Wednesday they're essentially giving away martinis -- charging just seven pennies -- which makes you kind of wonder "why bother?" Aside from that whole legally-having-to-charge-for-drinks thing.

The martinis will be smaller than usual, but there's no limit on 'em, and they'll be served from opening at 8am*** from 5:30pm until they run out... so, yeah, what this comes down to is you're gonna want to take Wednesday off, and maybe Thursday, too, while you're at it.

***UPDATE: Little Dom's just sent us an email that they're starting this at 5:30 rather than 8am, so actually, sleep in after all.

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Jeff Miller is the Senior City Editor of Thrillist Los Angeles, and would love to know if you're actually gonna get there at 8am. Let him know on Twitter at @ThrillistLA and Instagram at @JeffMillerLA.