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Your Essential Guide to Every OC Brewery

Published On 06/22/2016 Published On 06/22/2016
Anaheim Brewery in California
Ryan Giron

Anaheim Brewery

Anaheim (tasting room)

Best beers: Hefeweizen and 1888
In Orange County’s greatest brewery-revival story ever told, Anaheim Brewery -- which operated from 1870 until that meaniehead Prohibition forced it to close in 1920 -- was relegated to the annals of city history until Barbara and Greg Gerovac re-opened a brewery with the same name in 2011. The couple lived in Bavaria for for a few years before returning to Barbara’s native California, where the couple now pours European-style ales at their 100-seat beer garden and taproom, which overlooks Downtown Anaheim’s picturesque Farmer’s Park.

Archaic Craft Brewery

Tustin (Brewpub)

Best beers: Chai porter, Ruby Race IPA
Archaic Craft Brewery is so hidden that you could probably eat a whole Neapolitan pizza inside of its parent restaurant, Centro, and never know the malty Golden Ace IPA and honey cream ale on draft was made on a nano-sized system in the back room. You also might not realize that all the wine at the cozy Downtown Tustin spot (as well as the olive oil) is from the Pozzuoli family’s vineyard and winery in Paso Robles -- the same family that owns not only Centro and Archaic, but also a winery and tasting room around the corner on Red Hill.

Artifex Brewing Company

San Clemente (tasting room)

Best beers: All of their IPAs
With a love of hoppy beers -- and the talent to make them right -- Artifex Brewing is a quickly growing operation. Since opening at the end of the summer of 2014, they’ve already tripled capacity, expanding distribution of popular beers like Trigger Finger IPA and Show Me Your Roots blonde ale into not only hop-loving San Diego, but also north into the rest of Orange County and LA. Part of the tiny-but-tight-knit South County brewing community, Artifex is known for their sleek and pretty (but for now still minuscule) tasting room, just steps from Rainbow Sandals’ headquarters.

Backstreet Brewery

Backstreet Brewing

Anaheim (Brewery and tasting room), Irvine (Brewpub)

Best beer: Tomahawk DIPA
As the brewing arm of pizza-parlour mini-chain Lamppost Pizza, Backstreet Brewing’s solid lineup of beers got lost amid the boom and bust of the ‘90s brewpub era, laying low (and slowly dismantling their on-site breweries) until they opened a production brewery and tasting room within earshot of Angel Stadium in October 2015. Now, the brand is more visible than ever, with beers like its IPA and red ale on store shelves across the Southland, and special taproom-only releases drawing in new drinkers every day. For the original experience, stop by the Lamppost restaurant in Irvine -- the last OC location to brew on site -- for a slice and a pitcher of beer.

Barley Forge Brewing Co.

Costa Mesa (tasting room)

Best beers: Don Perfecto, El Técnico
Owner Greg Nylen is a longtime LA homebrewer, and when he started hunting for a spot to call his own, it was Costa Mesa that graciously accepted him. Now, with a few more recipes from brewer Kevin Buckley -- formerly of Alpine and Latitude 33 in San Diego -- Barley Forge makes eight core beers (some of them are available in six-packs of bottles) and dozens of seasonals and limited releases, some of which are only available at their industrial-park tasting room, which has a full kitchen too.


Fullerton (tasting room)

Best beers: Golden Chaos, Knuckle Sandwich
An early entry into OC’s modern craft-beer boom, Bootleggers opened in 2008 as the brainchild of experienced homebrewer Aaron Barkenhagen, who wrote the business plan while attending Cal State Fullerton. What started as a small seven-barrel system in an industrial park adjacent to the train tracks has grown into a massive brewery and tasting room (now poised nearby, but on the other side of the tracks), where year-round favorites like Knuckle Sandwich and Golden Chaos are made. Fun fact: new head brewer, Robert Margalis, is a former internationally ranked swimmer with USA Swim. God bless America!

Bottle Logic Brewing

Bottle Logic

Anaheim (tasting room)

Best beers: Tattered Prince, Lagerithm
The local award for best brewery branding might have to go to Bottle Logic, which concocted an elaborate steampunk-from-the-retro-future aesthetic that extends from the decommissioned wall-sized 1940s computers that line the tasting room to the bottle labels for core beers, like She Shot First (a wheat ale), which features a drawing of an adventurous heroine named Eve, one of three characters originally created to tell the Bottle Logic story. Luckily, the beer is bold enough (and good enough) to back up the alluring design, with space-age-like innovation (and award-winning beers) as its constant. Taproom-only pours can include experimental IPAs and saisons, while barrel-aged stouts and other annual bottle releases draw lines of fans from across Southern California.

Cismontane Brewing Co.

Rancho Santa Margarita (brewery and taproom), Santa Ana (taproom)

Best beers: Double Rainbow IPA, Mesa, Black’s Dawn
In nerdy geological terms, “cismontane” means “this side of the mountains,” which is exactly where the brewery Cismontane is located. Started by Earth-nerd-turned-real-estate-analyst Evan Weinberg and his friend Ross Stewart, the Rancho Santa Margarita brewery sits in an industrial park space nestled in the foothills of OC’s tallest peak. With popular projects like a single-malt series and an entire line of wine-infused table beers, Cismontane is a delicious representation of OC’s experimental beer spirit -- and once the brewery’s new Santa Ana tasting room gets its new column still up and running, it will be OC’s first brewstillery too.

Evans Brewing Company

Evans Brewing Company

Irvine (no tasting room)

Best beer: Black lager
From 1994 until 2015, the Irvine facility now called Evans Brewing Company was known as Bayhawk Ales, a mostly contract brewery that advertised itself as both the oldest and largest craft brewery in OC. Though historically significant, Bayhawk was always known less for their personal label of brews than they were for the fact that they made simple house beers for a variety of restaurants and pub chains (including McCormick & Schmick's, behind which the brewery is still located). Evan Rapport, who was brewing his Evans Lager brand at Bayhawk, took over management and rebranded the company last year. Now, Evans Brewing is a kinda/sorta new brewery with new beers already on tap and plans for a taproom and canned lagers in the future.

Hoparazzi Brewing Company

Anaheim (tasting room)

Best beers: Le Tarte Cerise, Jungle Juice
Despite its name, Hoparazzi is not a hop-focused brewery. In fact, it’s just the opposite. They built up a reputation pouring fruited beers and slightly tart sours on the festival circuit for a few years before opening a long-awaited tasting room right across the street from Bottle Logic Brewing, where the lineup has been expanded to include Scotch ales, Belgian-style beers, and stouts. If an IPA is on draft, it’s the only one. Still, Hoparazzi us a worthwhile stop on any Anaheim brewery tour.

Four Sons Brewing

Huntington Beach (tasting room)

Best beers: The Coco, Nightmare on Gothard St.
Yes, there are actually four sons who co-own Four Sons Brewing (Dustin, Drew, Deven and Derek Dufrense) along with their father, Duke. All the recipes came out of the decade or so the brothers spent homebrewing with their dad in the garage, which for “The Ds” was a bonding exercise akin to fixing up an old car. The Huntington Beach brewery already sells bottles and cans of its flagships, but is branching out too: a collaboration beer with a local hotel will be released later this summer, along with more of Four Sons’ barrel-aged experiments.

Left Coast Brewing Company

Left Coast Brewing Co.

San Clemente (taproom)

Best beers: Hop Juice, Asylum
One of the oldest breweries in Orange County (established 2004), Left Coast also claims to be its largest by volume, with six year-round bottled beers that are distributed in 30 states and seven countries. But Left Coast’s beer roots go even deeper than that, with the Hadjis family also behind the pizza chain Oggi’s, which started as a brewpub in Del Mar in 1991 and has grown to a multi-state franchise of 17 restaurants. Left Coast grew out of Oggi’s need to streamline its beer production, which used to happen at each individual location but now occurs exclusively at Left Coast. Every bit its own brewery, Left Coast makes a few IPAs, a Belgian-style triple, a stout, and is always experimenting with new seasonal releases.

Legends Brewing

Anaheim (tasting room)

Best beers: Lagers!
Legends Brewing made a name for itself with a single solid American lager, quietly brewed in Costa Mesa and exclusively distributed to local liquor and big-box stores. But now owner Jay Talley is doubling down on an Anaheim brewery and tasting room where his brew team can make multiple lagers -- including a black lager called Sable and the Aurora Red lager -- plus try their hand at IPAs, witbiers, and more. The TV-and-communal-table tasting room is also home to Saddleback Soda, so teetotalers have something to sip before heading to the Happiest Place on Earth, since Legends is now the closest brewery to Disneyland.

Newport Beach Brewing Co.

Newport Beach (brewpub)

Best beers: Back Bay Bitter, any of the one-offs
A glorious brewpub in the grand ‘90s tradition, Newport Beach Brewing Company is a historic wooden tavern on the Balboa Peninsula where you can get burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches alongside a rotating lineup of house-made beers. Brewer Derek Bougie has kept the beers contemporary with new hoppy styles, imperial stouts, and even sour beers. There are always nine brews on tap, and with its massive outdoor patio that’s only two blocks from the beach, you may never want to leave.

Noble Ale Works

Noble Ale Works

Anaheim (tasting room)

Best beers: All of them. Seriously, you can do no wrong.
At the 2016 World Beer Cup, Noble won the title of Best Small Brewery in the World, which only solidified what locals already knew -- this beer is world-class. From session IPAs to pilsner-style ales and every cult-favorite golden milk stout in between, brewmaster Evan Price and his team continually refine recipes, push boundaries, and churn out beers that are both drinkable and entirely unique. To top it off, their sense of humor is about as goofy as it gets -- for proof, follow them on Instagram for a steady stream of LOLs.

Phantom Ales

Anaheim (tasting room)

Best beers: Flying Brick IPA, Hop Wars winners
Cidery meets wine cellar meets homebrew store meets gastropub, Phantom Ales is a lot of things rolled into one. After changing their name from Forty Vines Beer & Wine, the company diversified their custom wine-making business (in which you could create your own blends) into an even larger DIY effort. Sure, they make their own forever rotating beers -- and even their own meads and ciders -- but the on-site homebrew store inspires you to try your own. Famous for their Hop Wars competitions (in which you learn to brew on their pilot system then the winning recipe gets a batch served at the tasting room) and their everything-you-need tasting room (there’s also a thoughtful food menu), this is one hidden industrial park operation that’s more than meets the eye.

Pizza Port

San Clemente (brewpub)

Best beers: Dawn Patrol, SC Chronic
For over a decade, San Clemente has provided Orange County with a taste of some serious San Diego beer culture. The iconic brewpub chain (with coastal outposts in places like Solana Beach and Carlsbad) is a well-known local pit stop for its house-made hoppy beers, which have won numerous awards and helped put San Diego (and San Clemente) on the international beer map. But what makes each Pizza Port so unique (and why it deserves to be on this list even though it’s not a chain that started in OC) is that the head brewer at each location dreams up their own beer recipes, meaning most of what’s on draft in San Clemente never leaves the house.

Riip Beer Company

Riip Brewing

Huntington Beach (tasting room)

Best beers: Anything hoppy
When pitted surfer-skaters decide to hit the brewing equipment instead of the sick swells, you get Riip, an all-hops-everything operation that references the waves as much as the weed. Though they have a beach-side tasting room on PCH and Warner, the brewery started as a contract operation, and beers were only available through an unconventional system of pre-order and delivery. The original vintage milk truck that used to run deliveries still sits outside the tasting room, which doubles as a growler fill station, bottle shop, local bar, and miniature homebrew store.

Stadium Brewing Company

Aliso Viejo (brewpub)

Best beer: Blueberry lager
Stadium Brewing is a massive sports bar in a suburban mall, but there’s also an on-site brewery that makes seven of the 60-plus beers on tap. With something for everyone (yes, Budweiser too!), you can build a flight (guest taps are fair game), order a pizza or some tacos, or just show up on Stadium Sundays, when the outdoor patio goes off with live reggae music and barbecue. The house drink is their blueberry lager, poured in a glass with actual blueberries floating in it.

TAPS Fish House

Brea (brewpub), Irvine (restaurant and taphouse)

Best beers: Anything old-world style
You might not expect a fine-dining fish house to be one of the world’s best breweries, but for over a decade, TAPS in Brea (another location in Corona operates with a similar brew team while Irvine is just a restaurant and taphouse) has won more regional, national, and international awards than any other OC brewery. Even though the brewer behind many of the brand’s original wins, Victor Novak, left to work for the forthcoming Golden Road in Anaheim, brewers Kyle Manns (from Bottle Logic) and David Huls (formerly of Barley Forge) are keeping the quality world class, continuing wins at competitions, and maintaining the level of excellence in European brewing styles for which TAPS has long been known.

The Bruery

The Bruery

Placentia (tasting room)

Best beer: Whatever’s weirdest
When most of America’s beer geeks think of breweries in Orange County, they inevitably think first of The Bruery (so-named for founder Patrick Rue), which has long been known for its off-the-wall, Belgian-style, mixed-fermentation, and barrel-aged experiments as well as its various membership “societies,” which allow you to purchase one-off and rare beers unavailable to the public. The Bruery changed the game not just in OC or SoCal, but in the US, which when it opened in 2008 was only beginning to develop a palate for complex Belgian-style beers meant to be savored like wine not chugged like Bud Light. These days, The Bruery is so prolific, they’ve separated their “clean” beers from the “infected” ones with a separate facility nearby. The new sour and wild ale label, dubbed Terreux, plans to open its own tasting room in 2016.

The Good Beer Company

Santa Ana (tasting room)

Best beers: Tart Oro, Wild Lady
In a spacious loft-like unit that used to house a livery on Downtown Santa Ana’s famous shopping drag La Cuatro, The Good Beer Company is quietly making some of the best beers in Orange County. No longer able to brew the clean IPAs and chile-infused pale ales that they did upon first opening, Good Beer now focuses on farmhouse-style beers fermented with whatever delicious wild yeast is floating around the brewery these days. Start with the Tart Oro, which is the base for a lot of the other (fruited, dry-hopped, Brett-loaded) beers, then work your way down the list from there.

Tustin Brewing Company

Tustin Brewing Co.

Tustin (brewpub)

Best beer: Old Town IPA
A local brewpub with a serious Mug Club membership (1200 strong!), Tustin is another survivor of the ‘90s brewpub days that’s managed to keep time with today’s craft-beer renaissance. Sure, there are the approachable workhorses like Golden Spike Light Ale and a lemony Hefeweizen, but the brewery keeps things interesting with a rotation of new IPAs, barrel-aged strong ales, one-off sours, and more. Known as the place where LA’s Smog City Brewing first got its start (Tustin’s former brewmaster Jonathan Porter used the system to contract early batches), current brewmaster Jarrod Larsen is continuing to create a legacy of his own.

Valiant Brewing

Valiant Brewing Co.

Orange (tasting room)

Best beer: Alpha Overdrive
With a large 20-barrel system and only a house motto of “be valiant” to guide them, the family-owned Valiant Brewing has made a lot of different beers. Holding down the fort (and available in bottles) are four year-round beers -- including two Belgian-style beers, a double IPA, and a blonde lager -- but in the special, seasonal and oak-aged section, you’ll find experiments as disparate as an oaky Trappist-style single and a massive quadruple IPA that clocks in at 14% ABV.

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1. Anaheim Brewery 336 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805

This OC brewery goes all the way back to 1870, when it first opened in Downtown Anaheim before Prohibition shut it down in 1920. Revived in 2010, Anaheim Brewery now resides in a 1920s building in the city's historic district, where it's brewing the signature Anaheim 1888, a rich amber lager based on the house original, plus a host of other German-style beers. The site includes a tasting room and a 100-seat beer garden.

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2. Archaic Craft Brewery at Centro 140 E Main St, Tustin, CA 92780

This all-in-one eatery, winery and microbrewery in Tustin serves up some of the OC's most authentic Italian fare. The crowd favorite is the Neapolitan pizza, but the homemade olive oils, parma panini and Nutella dessert pizza are not to be overlooked. Archaic Brewery, tucked away in the back corner, is this restaurant's silent superstar; Few notice its presence but if you partake in the Honey Cream Ale or Golden Ace IPA, you're likely to discover a new favorite (which you'll have to fight for — seats are minimal and this place is popular).

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3. Artifex Brewing Company 919 Calle Amanencer Suite A, San Clemente, CA 92673

Headquartered in the beachside town of San Clemente, Artifax Brewing Company is meant for IPA lovers. The beer selection includes signatures like the hoppy Trigger Finger IPA and Sober in the Morning, a double IPA that gets its name from a Winston Churchill quote. Though the tasting room doesn't have a kitchen, it hosts a variety of food trucks from around southern Orange County.

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4. Backstreet Brewery 1884 S Santa Cruz St, Anaheim, CA 92805

Founded in 1998, the original Backstreet Brewery began as a tiny microbrewery inside Lamppost Pizza in Irvine, but the Anaheim location stands on its own with a small tasting room and a patio. Just down the street from Angel Stadium, it's a great place to stop and try a rotating ale before heading to an Angels game.

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5. Barley Forge Brewing Co. 2957 Randolph Ave Ste B, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Costa Mesa brewery Barley Forge is the brainchild of Greg Nylen, who began his brewmaster career when he was a full-time lawyer and home-brewing in his free time. Now, his full-fledged brewery makes eight core beers, plus seasonals and limited releases. The industrial taproom serves a rotating selection on tap, and its small kitchen offers burgers, hot sandwiches, and sausage plates.

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6. Bootlegger's Brewery 130 S Highland Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

Downtown Fullerton's Bootlegger's Brewery began as a small seven-barrel warehouse in 2008 before becoming one of the largest breweries in Orange County. Its craft beer selection includes year-round staples and seasonals, like the crowd fave Golden Chaos, a Belgian golden ale that's brewed with rock candy. Brewery tours are available by appointment only, but you can get beer by the pint or glass -- and get a case or keg to-go -- at the outdoor tasting room.

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7. Bottle Logic Brewing 1072 N Armando St, Anaheim, CA 92806

Anaheim's Bottle Logic tasting room is meticulously designed with a steampunk science geek theme, as evidenced by sci-fi posters lining the walls and the occasional beer served in a beaker. The brew line-up is experimental and changes seasonally, but the so-called Induction Series, which includes the the Calf Life milk stout and Polarity Pils Czech pilsner, is available year-round.

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8. Cismontane Brewing 29851 Aventura Ste D, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Appropriately named after a gold rush-era word meaning "this side of the mountain," Cismontane Brewing is nestled in the foothills of Santiago Peak, the largest mountain in Orange County. The Rancho Santa Margarita brewery is an homage to all things SoCal, and the signature brew, Holy Jim Falls, is an extra pale ale named after a trail near brewery. Cismontane makes refreshing brews that you can, and should, pack for a hike.

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9. Evans Brewing Co. 132 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

One of Orange County's oldest craft breweries, Evans Brewing Co. offers a whopping nine brews year-round (four bottled, two canned, and three on tap). Try the Son of a Beach Blonde ale, Breakfast Black pilsner, and the three-time World Beer Cup medalist Chocolatte, an espresso-tinged chocolate porter.

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10. Hoparazzi Brewing Company 2910 E La Palma Ave Ste D, Anaheim, CA 92806

Located in La Palma, Hoparazzi may have built its reputation pouring fruity beers and tart sours, but its hoppy repertoire includes Scotch ales, Belgian-style beers, and IPAs. The tasting room has a rotating selection of house beers where you can sample a cherry sour ale next to a Kolsch-style ale in one of the tasting flights.

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11. Four Sons Brewing 18421 Gothard St Ste 100, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Unsurprisingly, Four Sons Brewing is owned by four sons (Dustin, Drew, Deven and Derek Dufrense) along with their father, Duke. The Huntington Beach brewery is the culmination of the years the brothers spent homebrewing in their dad's garage. The tasting room serves the flagship and seasonal beers from its 12 taps, and though there's no kitchen, you can easily deliver pizza right to the space.

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12. Left Coast Brewery 1245 Puerta del Sol, San Clemente, CA 92673

This family-owned brewery in San Clemente is one of the oldest breweries in the OC. Left Coast also claims its one of the largest in the country by volume, as measured by its six year-round bottled beers that are distributed across the country (and world!). The taproom serves up drafts and flights of the time-tested IPAs and stouts, and if you're lucky, a few food trucks will be parked outside.

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13. Legends Craft Brewery 1301 S Lewis St, Anaheim, CA 92805

Legends is dangerously close to Disneyland, so its family-friendly vibe is almost a given. The brewery got its start with a solid American lager, and though the tasting room's selection is heavy on lagers, it also includes IPAs, witbiers, and more. The Anaheim industrial space is outfitted with long communal tables, WiFi, TVs, and serves Saddleback Sodas should you be making a family pit stop en route to the Happiest Place on Earth.

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14. Newport Beach Brewing Co. 2920 Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92663

Open since 1995 in Newport Beach, this brewing company has won bronze, silver, and gold medals in The Great American Beer Festival over the years for its elevated selection of hoppy styles, stouts, and sours. The tasting room is two blocks from the beach and always has a rotating selection of nine beers on tap. It serves a full menu of sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, and seafood entrees, and there's a massive outdoor patio that'll beg you to stay from sunset to late-night happy hour.

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15. Noble Ale Works 1621 S Sinclair St, Anaheim, CA 92806

Steps from Angel Stadium and the Honda Center, Noble Ale Works is prime for game days. You can park in the brewery's lot for free, down a few of their flagship and limited edition beers (the tasting room has a selection of 20) and munch on whatever food truck speciality is on offer.

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16. Phantom Ales & Home Brew Shop 1211 N Las Brisas St, Anaheim, CA 92806

This Anaheim brew institution invites beer aficionados to sample meads and ciders before creating their own versions at the on-site homebrew store. The space is sparse, but the tasting room does have a thoughtful food menu and is spacious enough to accommodate groups. Phantom Ales is close enough to Disneyland that you can see the nightly fireworks from outside.

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17. Pizza Port San Clemente 301 N El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672

The San Clemente branch of this local chain knows the way to people's hearts: house-made beer and pizza. The pizza menu includes over-the-top creations like a barbecue bacon cheeseburger pie but the original recipes, like the pepperoni, mushroom, onion, and artichoke-topped Pizza Monterey are must-orders. Meanwhile, Pizza Port's hoppy beers have won countless awards for their uniqueness -- the head brewer at each location (there are more outposts along the coast) dreams up their own beer recipe, so the drafts truly are house exclusives.

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18. Riip Beer Co. 17214 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Riip Beer Company began as a home-delivery service before opening its brick-and-mortar tasting room on Pacific Coast Highway in the fall of 2015. The beer selection includes a hoppy selection of IPAs, sessions, stouts, and porters, but only 10 styles on are tap in the tasting room at a given time. The Huntington Beach brewery never wavers from its skater-surfer ethos, and the brews of the moment are displayed on the backs of old skateboards in the industrial space.

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19. Stadium Brewing Company 26731 Aliso Creek Rd Ste C, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

If you're just stopping Stadium Brewing to watch football, prepare to have your game experience elevated to new, hoppy levels. This sports bar hosts an on-site brewery that makes seven of the 60-plus beers on tap, all crafted on site by brewmaster Greg Schneider. Alternatively, you can head out to the 75-person patio for live music, tacos, barbecue, and a tall glass of Stadium's house blueberry lager, which is poured in a glass with actual blueberries floating in it.

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20. Taps Fish House & Brewery 101 E Imperial Hwy, Brea, CA 92821

Taps Fish House, whose first location opened in Brea in 1999, is both an upscale steak-and-seafood restaurant and a world-class brewery. The massive space (14,000sqft strong!) serves an expansive Asian-meets-New Orleans menu of fine fish like miso-marinated Chilean sea bass and prime steaks, plus shareable plates like imported cheese and charcuterie. The house brewery has won countless awards for its European-style brews. There are 25 craft beer taps, and if you aren't a beer fan, there's also a huge selection of cocktails and California wine.

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21. The Bruery Tasting Room 717 Dunn Way, Placentia, CA 92870

The Bruery has more beer styles than you can imagine -- sour beers, malty beers, hoppy beers, roasty beers -- all crafted in barrels that have traces of everything from tequila and rum to bourbon and regular ol’ oak. The trick is in its arsenal of wood, which helps the brewmasters craft a seemingly endless onslaught of flavors, from the annual Black Tuesday (19% imperial stout) to the sneaky sweet Mash barleywine. There are 40 beers on tap at any given time, so get a flight and a bite -- most weekends some of OC’s best food trucks are parked outside the taproom.

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22. The Good Beer Company 309 W 4th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

The Santa Ana-based Good Beer Company specializes in fruity yeast-driven beer and hoppy Pacific Coast ales. The 5,000sqft space includes a 15-barrel brewhouse, four stainless steel fermenters, and a brick-walled tasting room.

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23. Tustin Brewing Company 13011 Newport Ave Ste 100, Tustin, CA 92780

This family-friendly Tustin brewpub features patio seating, classic American fare, and a beer selection that makes its neighborhood mainstay. The house-brewed beer selection keeps things interesting with a rotating selection of IPAs, barrel-aged strong ales, and one-off sours. With a food menu featuring half-pound burgers, create-your-own pizzas, and short rib tacos, you won't hesitate staying for dinner.

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24. Valiant Brewing Company 2294 N Batavia St, Orange, CA 92865

This family-owned microbrewery makes a variety of beers -- the simple year-round roster includes Belgian-styles, a double IPA, and a blonde lager. The seasonal varieties are a serious draw though, like a massive quadruple IPA that clocks in at 14% ABV. A 20-barrel system guides the whole operation and the house motto, "be valiant" keeps things honest.