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Where to Boozy Brunch in LA: A hood-by-hood guide

Because we're the best publication that has ever existed (sorry,!), we put together a list of pretty much all of LA's boozy brunches last year. A year later, a ton has changed, so we decided to go back to every single brunch, update the deals, add the new ones, drink our way through all of them, and then nap for like 48 hours straight.

So here they are: 91 spots in town where you can get A) brunch, and B) bottomless drinks, all organized by neighborhood so you don't accidentally end up in (shudder) Hesperia.

Flickr/Librarian Avengers
Atwater Village Tavern
Atwater Village
3216 Glendale Blvd
The Deal: This Mexican BBQ-inspired brunch offers $15 endlessly refillable mimosas.
Flickr/Blu Pineappl3
Post and Beam 
Baldwin Hills
3767 Santa Rosalita Dr
The Deal: Hit the patio for stuffed French toast with Nutella and non-stop mimosa love for $15.
Flickr/Roger Wollstadt
The Phoenix
Beverly Hills
14 N La Cienega
The Deal: Start the day with $10 AYCD mimosas that just won’t quit at this massive, rustic-y, cabin-y joint.
Cabo Cantina
11829 Wilshire Blvd
The Deal: $9.95 no-limit mimosas and Bloodys with a $5 food purchase, 'til 3pm on Fri and Sat and 2pm on Sun.

Café Rockenwagner 
1168 S Barrington Ave
The Deal: For $19, the mimosas have no bottom from 9am-3pm Saturdays & Sundays.
Obikà Mozzarella Bar
Century City
10250 Santa Monica Blvd
The Deal: Your glass will always be full with mimosa goodness when you purchase a brunch entrée from 11:30am-4pm on the weekend.
Meet In Paris
Culver City
9727 Culver Blvd
The Deal: $18 bottomless mimosas if you get an entree until 3pm.

Rush Street
Culver City
9546 Washington Blvd
The Deal: An endless build-your-own Bloody Mary bar, or unlimited mimosas for $20.

Culver City
12565 Washington Blvd
The Deal: There ain’t no bottom to their $13 Bloody Marys, mimosas, micheladas, or Hite, plus they have stacks on stacks of endless pancakes for $14.

Culver Hotel
Culver City
9400 Culver Blvd
The Deal: Sundays mean bottomless mimosas with your brunch selection for $35 along with live jazz for no extra charge.
Los Angeles Brewing Co.
750 S Broadway
The Deal: $10 endless mimosas.

Onyx Lounge
118 W 5th
The Deal: Buy an entree and they'll hook you up with $15 mimosas forever.

Grand Cafe @ Omni Hotel
251 S Olive
The Deal: $22 gets you a full buffet, including 'mosas.

118 E 6th St
The Deal: $11 gets you bottomless mimosas on the weekends, and $15 scores you bottomless mimosas and a breakfast sandwich.
Stafford and Mathis
1020 S Figueroa St
The Deal: Get cozy on this massive new patio and prepare yourself for $15 bottomless mimosas.
The Must
117 Winston St
The Deal: Hit this classy wine joint for never-ending sorbet sparklers (raspberry or mango sorbet & sparkling wine) and endless shook-up shandys (Hefe, lemon & ginger juice w/ lemon lime soda) for $17.

Bacaro LA
2308 S Union Ave
The Deal: Bottomless pours of sangria, mimosas, Bloody Marys, screwdrivers, and strawberry bellini for 90 minutes for $20 per person (everyone must participate).
Eclectic Cafe
East Village
5156 Lankershim Blvd
The Deal: $25 gets you both an entree and bottomless mimosas.

River Rock Lounge
East Village
12833 Ventura Blvd
The Deal: $12 AYCD mimosas until 3pm.

Jinky's Studio Cafe
East Village
4000 Colfax Ave
The Deal: All day, everyday -- as many mimosas as you can stand for $15 with purchase of an entree.
Lot 1 Cafe
Echo Park
1533 W Sunset Blvd
The Deal: Order any food item, and they'll give you $10 bottomless mimosas (though, pro-tip, you can't take 'em with you to watch a band in their side room).
La Poubelle
Franklin Village
5907 Franklin Ave
The Deal: They make it interesting -- $15 for can't-stop-won't-stop pours of bellinis, Kir Royales, or mimosas on weekends starting at 1030am.
Off Vine
6263 Leland Way
The Deal: On weekends 'til 2:30pm, they're doing non-stop mimosas and Champagne for $16.95, and Bloodys for $18.95.

Hollywood Corner
1156 N Highland
The Deal: $12 for AYCD Bloodys or mimosas w/ the purchase of an entree.

Cabo Cantina
6669 Hollywood Blvd
The Deal: $9.95 gets you bottomless mimosas and Bloodys with a $5 food purchase 'til 3pm on Fri and Sat and 2pm on Sun.

The Waffle
6255 W Sunset
The Deal: $12 for never-ending Bloodys, mimosas, or margaritas, every day, 7am 'til they close. Boosh.

Eat This Café
6547 Santa Monica Blvd
The Deal: This solid neighborhood brunch fave pours the mimosas endlessly for $15 if you also order an entrée.
Five0Four Hollywood
6541 Hollywood Blvd
The Deal: No bottom to their Bloody Marys, mimosas, or New Orleans-style frozen daiquiris from 11am-4pm for $15 on Saturdays (welcome, LSU fans) and Sundays (hello, Saints fans).
Mud Hen Tavern
742 N Highland
The Deal: When the whole table participates, there’s no end in sight for the mimosas (mango, peach, pomegranate, orange, and nude!) at Susan Feniger’s non-Border Grill digs.
1600 Wilcox Ave
The Deal: When you order an East Coast/Montreal-inspired brunch entrée, the Bloody Marys, Bloody Larrys (whiskey!), mimosas, and punch are totally endless for $12.
District Wine
Long Beach
144 Linden
The Deal: $14 for bottomless mimosas from noon-3pm, on Sundays only.

KC Branaghan's
Long Beach
5734 E 2nd St
The Deal: $9.95 gets you non-stop mimosas every day 'til 1pm.

Berlin Bistro
Long Beach
420 E 4th St
The Deal: $20 scores you any brunch item plus AYCD mimosas.
Rockwell Table and Stage
Los Feliz
1714 N Vermont
The Deal: Bottomless mimosas run $17.99 on weekends at this patio-abetted performance-and-eating space.
Malibu Cafe at Calamigos Ranch
327 Latigo Canyon Rd
The Deal: This hideaway-type outdoor cafe's got $15 AYCDown mimosas for two hours.
The Warehouse
Marina Del Rey
4499 Admiralty Way
The Deal: Sundays from 10am-3pm, they're doing a $35.95 buffet with bottomless mimosas.

Cafe del Rey
Marina Del Rey
4451 Admiralty Way
The Deal: Prix-fixe brunch ($38) gives you the enviable decision of bottomless mimosas, sparkling wine, sparkling cider, or Bloody Marys.
115 S Fairfax
The Deal: This spot's got $15 non-stop mimosas (and $40 punch bowls full of a FULL HANDLE OF BOOZE), but even better than that, if you jump in the pool fully clothed at the next-door Farmer's Daughter hotel, they'll give you half-off your bill.

The Churchill
8384 W 3rd St
The Deal: Sit outside at this hotel-adjacent bistro any day of the week for $15 AYCD mimosas, which are served w/ their brunch menus on weekends.

Jack 'N Jill's Too
8738 W 3rd St
The Deal: All day every day, get $9 bottomless OJ-and-Champagne flutes.

Della Terra
7675 Beverly Blvd
The Deal: Buy an entree between 10am-3pm on weekends, and get $14 all-you-can-drink bellinis or 'mosas.

Sal's Restaurant
7356 Melrose
The Deal: Buy an entree any time they're open on Saturday and Sunday, and you can get endless mimosas for $12, or $14 if you wanna get all fancy and add strawberries.

345 N La Brea
The Deal: Throw a sausage party at this German brew-hall, where you can drink bottomless Champagne for $8, or mimosas for $12.

Luna Park
672 S La Brea
The Deal: Endless cups of white and red sangria, as well as mimosas? $14! And Bloodys are 2-for-1.

Chic Wine Bar
5545 W Pico
The Deal: Buy any entree and $15 will get you infinity mimosas.

Simple Things
8310 W 3rd
The Deal: Order (all) the pies at this precious recently-brunched spot and enjoy limitless mimosas for $10.
8422 W 3rd
The Deal: From 10am to 3pm weekend brunchers can experience non-stop mimosa action for $17 along with non-bottomless pitchers of sangria for $25.
La Frite
15013 Ventura Blvd
The Deal: A $25 prix fixe that includes an appetizer, entree, dessert, and non-stop mimosaness.

4349 Tujunga Ave
The Deal: $14 keeps the mimosas bottomless and the possibilities for weekend fun endless at this refined Italian spot. Also: jazz, not necessarily Italian or bottomless.
Overland Cafe
3601 Overland Ave
The Deal: You've got a two-hour limit to down AYCD Champagne (w/ purchase of an entree) for $6.99 on weekends; on weekdays, they've got Champagne bottles for $7.50 to make-your-own-mimosas with.
Equator Cafe
22 Mills Pl
The Deal: Weekend days mean unlimited Champagne cocktails for $10.

The Terrace
1401 S Oak Knoll
The Deal: This outdoor restaurant (in the Langham Hotel) has an all-you-can-handle-buffet and endless mimosas all for $58 on Sunday.
The Tripel
Playa Del Rey
333 Culver Blvd
The Deal: Get your fill of $18 bottomless fresh fruit Prosecco cocktails on draught (!) or a $16 bottomless shandy when you order a full meal. Easily done.
Santa Monica
2820 Main St
The Deal: On Saturday or Sunday, 'til 3pm, they've got all-you-can-down mimosas for just $15.

Border Grill
Santa Monica
1445 4th St
The Deal: They've got a $29.99 all-you-can-eat tapas brunch; for $10 more, you can make that all-you-can-drink with mimosas.

Brick and Mortar
Santa Monica
2435 Main St
The Deal: Saturday and Sunday 'til 3p, drink bottomless mimosas for $15 (for 2 hours) w/ purchase of an entree, or grab a single Bloody from a make-your-own-drink bar for $10.

Santa Monica
101 Wilshire Blvd
The Deal: This crazy-good farm-fresh resto at the Fairmont's got a $45 "Eggs and Kegs" deal on weekends -- all you can eat eggs, and all you can drink beer on tap. Amen, indeed.

Ma'Kai Lounge
Santa Monica
101 Broadway
The Deal: Sundays only, drink non-stop mimosas for $15.

Sonoma Wine Garden
Santa Monica
395 Santa Monica Pl
The Deal: Sit atop the mall and down unlimited mimosas, truffle-foamed (wha?!) Bloody Marys and bellinis while eating brunch -- it's $35 total, which includes the entree of your choice.

Dining Room At The Shangri-La
Santa Monica
1301 Ocean Ave
The Deal: This beachside hotel's lobby resto will hit you with bottomless Bloodys, mimosas, or get pumped up with the Arnold Palmer Schwarzenegger (with whiskey!) for $21.

The Charleston
Santa Monica
2460 Wilshire Blvd
The Deal: $13'll get you bottomless mimosas all weekend, including for the live jazz brunch on Sundays.

Cabo Cantina
Santa Monica
1240 3rd St
The Deal: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, get boozy with $9.95 bottomless mimosas and Bloodys.

Santa Monica
395 Santa Monica Pl
The Deal: You've got two hours to down bacon Bloody Marys, mango mimosas, and the un-alliterative lychee bellinis, as well as eat non-stop food for $39.

La Sandia
Santa Monica
395 Santa Monica Place
The Deal: $39 per person scores unlimited small plates, micheladas, Bloody Marys, house margs, and mimosas. Plus bottomless DJing, all from 11am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday.
Flickr/Chloe Lim
El Caserio
Silver Lake
401 Silver Lake Blvd
The Deal: Hang with dudes that've got crazy-curly mustaches and drink $14 bottomless mimosas or bubbly.

Good Microbrew and Grill
Silver Lake
3725 W Sunset Blvd
The Deal: On Saturdays and Sundays they've got alllllll the mimosas for $14, or Bloodys for $14.95 until 4pm.

Silver Lake
2442 Hyperion Ave
The Deal: This sweet patio-having date spot pours on the endless mimosas for a mere $5 with their newly launched brunch.
Lucky Duck
Silver Lake
2630 Hyperion Ave
The Deal: The folks from Square One are pouring unlimited mimosas and micheladas for $15 from 9am-3pm on the weekend.
Flickr/Ralph Daily
Patrick Molloy's
South Bay
50 Pier Ave
The Deal: You gotta act fast here -- from 9am-noon, you've got an hour to down as many mimosas as you can for just $3. THREE. BUCKS.

Sophie's Place
South Bay
1708 S Catalina Ave
The Deal: Get an entree, and bottomless mimosas are $14 (and Bloodys are $16).

The Rockefeller
South Bay
Hermosa Beach: 422 Pier Ave
Manhattan Beach: 1209 Highland Ave
The Deal: $16.99 for bottomless mimosas (orange, guava, peach & watermelon) from 10am-2pm Saturdays & Sundays (2-hour limit in Hermosa and 1-hour limit in Manhattan).
Saddle Ranch Chop Shop
Sunset Strip
8731 W Sunset
The Deal: Topless mimosas (JK, they're bottomless) or Bloodys for $9.99 with an entrée every day until 3pm.

Cabo Cantina
Sunset Strip
8301 W Sunset
The Deal: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10am-3pm, get $9.95 bottomless mimosas or Bloodys.

Rock & Reilly's
Sunset Strip
8911 W Sunset
The Deal: 'Til noon, endless mimosas and Bloodys are $16 if you also get an entree.
Flickr/Kris Krug
Lazy Dog
3525 W Carson St
The Deal: Weekend brunch features $5 (!) cocktails until 2pm Saturday and Sunday.
Flickr/Katherine Lim
1023 Abbot Kinney Blvd
The Deal: 'Til 2:30pm, they've got $14 bottomless mimosas.

Primitivo Wine Bistro
1025 Abbot Kinney Blvd
The Deal: Sit outside and down $15 unlimited mimosas or sangria, and listen to live acoustic music from the likes of Christopher Hawley and Burning Jet Black's David Sparrow.

Cabo Cantina
30 Washington Blvd
The Deal: The fratty, Mexican beach hut's got bottomless mimosas or Bloodys for $9.95, Fri-Sun 'til 3pm.

220 Lincoln Blvd
The Deal: On Sundays, $14.99 will get you a big ol’ brunch entrée and continuous pours of Champagne, Bloody Ms, and sangria at this traditional Mexican stalwart.
Sunny Spot
822 W Washington Blvd
The Deal: Catch some rays on the patio, order up the pork belly and eggs, and power through bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys, and the tasty Sunny Rum Punch for $15.
Marco's Trattoria
West Hollywood
8200 Santa Monica Blvd
The Deal: Mon-Fri from 9am-3pm, and on weekends from 8am-2pm, $12 scores you bottomless mimosas and $10 all-you-can-drink Champagne for two hours.

Taste On Melrose
West Hollywood
8454 Melrose Ave
The Deal: Saturday and Sunday, unlimited mimosas and bubbly are $16 with a two-hour max

Kitchen 24
West Hollywood
8575 Santa Monica Blvd
The Deal: Saturdays only, stop by for $15 bottomless Bloodys and mimosas.

Basix Cafe
West Hollywood
8333 Santa Monica Blvd
The Deal: Saturday and Sunday, classic mimosas are $15 and blood orange mimosas are $16.50, and both come with free refills.

The Church Key
West Hollywood
8730 Sunset Blvd
The Deal: Flag down one of those roving cocktail carts to order up $17 bottomless mimosas. Tortilla Republic
West Hollywood
616 N Robertson Blvd
The Deal: $17 gets you the mimosas that have no bottom.
The Six
West LA
10668 W Pico
The Deal: Buy an entree and get bottomless bubbly for just $10.
Sagebrush Cantina
West Valley
23527 Calabasas Rd
The Deal: $27.95 gets you an unlimited brunch buffet with Champagne, as well as two shots of flavor-infused vodka.
1386 Westwood Blvd
The Deal: Buy an entree from 10am-4pm on weekends, and get non-stop mimosas for $15 and/or endless Champagne for $10.

Napa Valley Grille
1100 Glendon Ave #100
The Deal: Mimosas, Bloody Marys, red or white sangria, and sparkling wine are all available for only $4 each.
10840 Wilshire Blvd
The Deal: Exchange 14 dollars for bottomless strawberry mimosas (lemon, St. Germain, One Hope sparkling wine).

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Jeff Miller and Danny Jensen are both LA-based writers and, along with River Myers, are avid brunchers (especially when booze is involved). Follow Jeff on Twitter here, Danny here, and River here.
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1. Los Angeles Brewing Company 750 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Posting up inside a 65yr-old former DTLA bank (how rich!), LABC's a two-story, brick-n-brass behemoth sporting 389 seats, eight Sweet-16-worthy 9ft projector screens, and 100 beers on tap, plus a full menu of brew-complementers like pork belly & chorizo-stuffed mushrooms, and the bacon-wrapped "Danger Dog", also what Dre told Snoop that time he asked him what his middle name was.

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2. Onyx Lounge 118 W 5th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

The Onyx Lounge is located in one of the oldest buildings in Downtown LA and was also the tallest until 1911. The building has stuck around and now you can have an awesome brunch and get a little tipsy in a historically designated building.

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3. Eclectic Fine Food and Spirits 5156 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

Don and Laura Adams brought to us Eclectic Fine Food & Spirits which has been killing the brunch and happy hour game in North Hollywood for some time. If you're looking for a new spot to post up, look no further.

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4. Lot 1 Cafe 1533 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Check out Lot 1 Cafe to hear local bands play or to grab a two dollar pint of PBR, daily till 9p. If that wasn't enough to get you down there, they also do a wicked brunch deal.

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5. La Poubelle Bistro 5907 Franklin, , CA 90068

La Poubelle is located in the heart of Hollywood on Franklin Ave and serves as a mainstay in the neighborhood. They describe the feel as a modern day, classic French Bistro. Come here to listen to live music and for an awesome brunch scene.

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6. Off Vine 6263 Leland Way, Hollywood, CA 90028

Off Vine, in Hollywood, is serving up some of the best Californian comfort food in the LA area. Everything about this quaint little spot will charm you, right down to unlimited mimosas for brunch.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
7. The Hollywood Corner 1156 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

The Hollywood Corner has daily specials which change constantly and frequently. They also have unlimited mimosas for brunch, so there's that.

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8. Cabo Cantina 30 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

With a location that's right on Venice Beach, Cabo Cantina doesn't need to do much else to get a glowing review, but that doesn't stop them from trying to impress further. And they do, with a menu full of low-key Mexican favorites, delicious margaritas, and, best of all, a sun-soaked outdoor area that's perfect for a fiesta or a siesta.

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9. District Wine 144 Linden Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802

Owned by local Long Beach residents Mark and Angela Dunton, District Wine offers up wine flights everyday and also has 30 wines available by the glass. Stop by for happy hour 6 days a week and their brunch specials on Sunday.

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10. 212 Bistro 2708 E 4th St., Long Beach, CA 90814

Come get your fill at this brunch speciality spot in Long Beach. They offer some standard breakfast dishes like eggs benny and do some Mexican specialities as well. Add bottomless mimosas to the mix and life doesn’t get much better!

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11. Berlin Bistro 420 E 4th Street, Long Beach, CA 90802

Berlin Bistro is a casual brunch spot in Long Beach that gives off a cool coffee shop vibe. When you're done feasting on their awesome food, check out the record/book store right next door.

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12. Malibu Cafe 327 Latigo Canyon Rd, Malibu, CA 90265

The Gerson family has been holding down this spot for four generations now and they have perfected their fare. Inspired by the cowboy-lifestyle and rustic California, the Malibu Cafe is doing everything right including an awesome brunch.

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13. The Warehouse Restaurant 4499 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

The Warehouse Restaurant is as close as you can be to the water without actually going surfing. Go for brunch on the weekends, or for dinner and order some surf and turf.

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14. Tart 115 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Taking inspiration from as far away as London and Paris, this Californian restaurant has blended numerous inspirations together to create a great little spot in Beverly Grove.

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15. Della Terra 7675 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Della Terra offers up a three-course meal option for 15 bucks on Tuesdays and has an epic brunch fare on the weekends making it easy and cool to dine out.

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16. Equator Cafe 22 Mills Pl., Pasadena, CA 91105

The Equator Cafe is located in Old town Pasadena, where the hustle and bustle from LA slows down a bit. Come here to enjoy a meal with good friends and without the noise.

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17. Areal Restaurant 2820 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Areal is another Santa Monica hotspot that is serving up menu items that are fresh, locally grown, sustainable and organic. Enjoy a fresh-made hand-crafted cocktail on their sunny patio.

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18. Ma'Kai Lounge 101 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Have brunch in the morning, happy hour drinks in the afternoon and stick around for the party vibe to pick up as the sun sets. Ma'Kai Lounge is a great place to enjoy a meal or a few drinks right on the beach in Santa Monica.

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19. Saddle Ranch Chop House 8371 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Boasting large rib-eye steaks and a mechanical bull, Saddle Ranch is no doubt a legit steakhouse. Oh yeah, and they have huge stacks of cotton candy. Don't ask questions, just eat it.

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20. The Den of Hollywood 8226 W Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90046

Located in the Sunset environs that last housed Hadaka Sushi, this new eatery's supposed to be as comfortable as your living room, with a vaulted wood ceiling, a massive fireplace...

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21. Joe's Restaurant 1023 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Come to Joe's Restaurant for a fine dining experience but with all the laid back mellow vibes that Venice provides. Make your way out and enjoy an epic brunch on their patio today.

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22. Primitivo Wine Bistro 1025 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Primitivo Wine Bistro is offering up some delectable tapas and other small plates and all on a beautiful patio area. Your small plates will be accompanied by an extensive wine menu, and further complimented by a sommelier who will help pick out the perfect vino for your visit.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
23. Soleil 1386 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Situated on the corner of Westwood Boulevard and Wilkins Avenue, Soleil is a French-Canadian inspired joint serving up everything from poutine to Nova Scotia smoked salmon. Oh yeah and one hell of a brunch.

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