Every Single Damn Place to Boozy Brunch in LA

So, two years ago, we let you know about 60-something all-you-can-drink brunches in LA. Then last year, we found some more, and expanded the list. But this year we decided to remove the spots that closed (boo!) or decided not to do all-you-can-drink anymore (boo! Boo!!) and expanded the list yet AGAIN. So here it is: a cool 101 places to get all the booze you can drink at brunch, organized by neighborhood so you at least know where you've ended up before you Uber home.

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Atwater Village Tavern

Atwater Village

The deal: This Mexican BBQ-inspired brunch offers $15 endlessly refillable mimosas, Sundays only, as well as $5 Bloodys and micheladas.

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Post and Beam

Baldwin Hills

The deal: Hit the patio for stuffed French toast with Nutella and non-stop mimosa love for $15.

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Cabo Cantina


The deal: $9.95 no-limit mimosas and Bloodys with a $5 food purchase, 'til 3pm on Fri and Sat and 2pm on Sun.

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Meet in Paris

Culver City

The deal: $18 bottomless mimosas if you get an entree until 3pm.

Rush Street

The deal: An endless build-your-own Bloody Mary bar, or unlimited mimosas for $20.


The deal: Unlimited stacks of pancakes AND mimosas (!!) can be yours for just $15.

Culver Hotel

The deal: You will love eating brunch at this historic LA hotel.

Overland Cafe

The deal: $6.99 gets you bottomless Champagne. ("You can order orange juice on the side if you want to make your own mimosas. We won't stop you." -- MGMT)

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Grand Cafe @ Omni Hotel


The deal: $50 gets you a full buffet, including a carving station, seafood, and 'mosas.


The deal: $11 gets you bottomless mimosas on the weekends, and $15 scores you bottomless mimosas and a breakfast sandwich.

Stafford and Mathis

The deal: Get cozy on this massive new patio and prepare yourself for $15 bottomless mimosas.

The Must

The deal: Hit this classy wine joint for never-ending sorbet sparklers (raspberry or mango sorbet & sparkling wine) for $20.

Bacaro LA

The deal: Bottomless pours of sangria, mimosas, Bloody Marys, screwdrivers, and strawberry bellinis for an hour for $15 per person (everyone must participate).

Artisan House

The deal: It's got a $24.99 gourmet brunch buffet, which can be made gourmet-er with a $10 bottomless mimosa addition.

Border Grill

The deal: There's a $29.99 all-you-can-eat special, and you can add mimosas for just $10 more.

Little Easy

The deal: This NOLA-themed bar has $15 unlimited mimosas during its weekend jazz brunch.


The deal: $15 nonstop build-your-own-mimosa buckets


Eclectic Cafe

East Valley

The deal: $25 gets you both an entree and bottomless mimosas.

Idle Hour

The deal: Sat and Sun from 11am-3pm it's got live music and $25 bottomless mimosas on the back patio.

River Rock Lounge

The deal: $12 AYCD mimosas until 3pm

Jinky's Studio Cafe

The deal: All day, every day -- as many mimosas as you can stand for $17 with purchase of an entree.

The Six

The deal: $15 bottomless mimosas 'til 2pm

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Lot 1 Cafe

Echo Park

The deal: Order any food item, and you'll get $10 bottomless mimosas (though, pro tip, you can't take 'em with you to watch a band in the side room).

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La Poubelle

Franklin Village

The deal: This place makes it interesting -- $16 for can't-stop-won't-stop pours of bellinis, Kir Royales, or mimosas on weekends starting at 10:30am.

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Highland Park

The deal: $15 AYCD mimosas/bellinis from 10am-3pm on weekends

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Off Vine


The deal: On weekends 'til 2:30pm, it's doing nonstop mimosas and Champagne for $16.95, and Bloodys for $18.95.

Hollywood Corner

The deal: $15 for AYCD mimosas w/ the purchase of an entree

Cabo Cantina

The deal: $9.95 gets you bottomless mimosas and Bloodys with a $5 food purchase 'til 3pm on Fri and Sat and 2pm on Sun.

Eat This Café

The deal: This solid neighborhood brunch fave pours the mimosas endlessly for $15 if you also order an entrée.

Mud Hen Tavern

The deal: When the whole table participates, there’s no end in sight for the mimosas (mango, peach, pomegranate, orange, and nude!) at Susan Feniger’s non-Border Grill digs.

Sadie Kitchen and Lounge

The deal: The party-hearty dude behind Golden Box is hosting this new Sunday-only brunch, which includes $14 bottomless mimosas, which you can upgrade to Dom for a cool (and, let's admit it, probably stupid) $1,000.


The deal: This beloved burger joint just launched brunch, which includes unlimited Mimoinksters (lemonade + Champagne) for $12 'til 3pm.


The deal: Sunday from 11am-4pm, get all-you-can-mimosa for $14.


The deal: Sunday's roast menu includes $20 no-limit shandies and Buck's Fizzes, which is just a fancy name for mimosas.

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The Commissary


The deal: Roy Choi's experimental American restaurant at The Line is doing all-you-can-Bloody-or-Mimosa for $20, with bellinis for $2 more.

R Bar

The deal: Bottomless fresh strawberry margs are $20 with a $10 food purchase.

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District Wine

Long Beach

The deal: $12 for bottomless mimosas from noon-3pm

K.C. Branaghan's

The deal: $9.95 gets you nonstop mimosas every day 'til 1pm.

Berlin Bistro

The deal: $20 scores you any brunch item plus AYCD mimosas.


Rockwell Table & Stage

Los Feliz

The deal: Bottomless mimosas run $17.99 on weekends at this patio-abetted performance-and-eating space.

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Malibu Cafe at Calamigos Ranch


The deal: This hideaway-type outdoor cafe's got $25 AYCDown mimosas, Sundays only.


The Warehouse

Marina Del Rey

The deal: Sundays from 10am-3pm, it's doing a $35.95 buffet with bottomless mimosas.

Cafe del Rey

The deal: Prix-fixe brunch ($40) gives you the enviable decision of bottomless mimosas, sparkling wine, sparkling cider, or Bloody Marys.

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The deal: This spot's got $18 nonstop mimosas (and $40 punch bowls made with a FULL HANDLE OF BOOZE), but even better than that, if you jump in the pool fully clothed at the next-door Farmer's Daughter Hotel, you'll get half-off your bill.

Jack n' Jill's Too

The deal: All day, every day, get $9 bottomless OJ-and-Champagne flutes.

Della Terra

The deal: Buy an entree between 10am-3pm on weekends, and get $14 all-you-can-drink bellinis or 'mosas.

Sal's Restaurant

The deal: Buy an entree any time it's open on Saturday and Sunday, and you can get endless mimosas for $12, or $14 if you wanna get all fancy and add strawberries.


The deal: Throw a sausage party at this German brew-hall, where you can drink bottomless Champagne for $9, or mimosas for $12.

Luna Park

The deal: Endless cups of white and red sangria, as well as mimosas? $15! And Bloodys are two-for-one.

Simplethings Sandwich and Pie Shop

The deal: Order (all) the pies at this precious recently brunched spot and enjoy limitless mimosas for $10.

Whisper Lounge

The deal: It has an '80s-themed brunch named after a Wham! song on Sundays (seriously!) with $20 endless Bloody Proud Marys or peach mimosas called Papa Don't Peach. Seriously.

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La Frite


The deal: A $25 prix fixe that includes an appetizer, entree, dessert, and nonstop mimosa-ness.


The deal: $14 keeps the mimosas bottomless and the possibilities for weekend fun endless at this refined Italian spot. Also: jazz, not necessarily Italian or bottomless.

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Overland Cafe


The deal: You've got a two-hour limit to down AYCD Champagne (w/ purchase of an entree) for $6.99 on weekends; on weekdays, it's got Champagne bottles for $7.50 so you can make your own mimosas.

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Edwin Mills Cafe


The deal: Weekend days mean unlimited Champagne cocktails for $10.

The Terrace

The deal: This outdoor restaurant (in the Langham Hotel) has an all-you-can-handle-buffet and endless mimosas all for $58 on Sunday.

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The Tripel

Playa del Rey

The deal: Get your fill of $18 bottomless fresh-fruit prosecco cocktails on draftt (!) or a $16 bottomless shandy when you order a full meal. Easily done.


The deal: $15 bottomless mimosas, strawberry bellinis, sangria, or sparkling sangria.



Santa Monica

The deal: On Saturday or Sunday, 'til 3pm, it's got all-you-can-down mimosas for just $15.

Border Grill

The deal: It's got a $29.99 all-you-can-eat tapas brunch; for $10 more, you can make that all-you-can-drink with mimosas.


The deal: Saturday and Sunday 'til 3pm, drink bottomless mimosas for $15 (for two hours) w/ purchase of an entree, or grab a single Bloody from a make-your-own-drink bar for $10.


The deal: This crazy-good farm-fresh resto at the Fairmont's got a $40 "eggs and kegs" deal on weekends -- all-you-can-eat eggs, and all-you-can-drink beer on tap. Amen, indeed.

Sonoma Wine Garden

The deal: Sit atop the mall and down unlimited mimosas, truffle-foamed (wha?!) Bloody Marys, and bellinis while eating brunch -- it's $35 total, which includes the entree of your choice.

Cabo Cantina

The deal: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, get boozy with $9.95 bottomless mimosas and Bloodys.

Ox and Son

The deal: Keep 'em coming for $14 with an entree purchase at this New American spot.

Little Door

The deal: This nook-like spot has $15 endless mimosas and $20 nonstop Bloodys on weekends.


The deal: $25 bottomless mimosas at this new outpost of the Brian Malarkey favorite

Flickr/Duncan C

El Caserio

Silver Lake

The deal: Hang with dudes that've got crazy-curly mustaches and drink $14 bottomless mimosas or bubbly.

Good Microbrew and Grill

The deal: On Saturdays and Sundays it's got alllllll the mimosas for $14, or Bloodys for $14.95 until 4pm.


The deal: This sweet patio-having date spot pours on the endless mimosas for $8 with the purchase of an entree.

El Cid

The deal: It's $20 for AYCD mimosas at this longtime local favorite.

Jay's Bar

The deal: The divey Jay's has breakfast (who knew?) with AYCD Moscow mules (!!) for $18.


Patrick Molloy's

South Bay

The deal: You gotta act fast here -- from 9am-noon, you've got an hour to down as many mimosas as you can for just $3. THREE. BUCKS.

Sophie's Place

The deal: Get an entree, and bottomless mimosas are $14 (and Bloodys are $16).

The Rockefeller

The deal: $16.99 for bottomless mimosas (orange, guava, peach & watermelon) from 10am-2pm Saturdays & Sundays (two-hour limit in Hermosa and one-hour limit in Manhattan).


Saddle Ranch Chop Shop

Sunset Strip

The deal: Topless mimosas (JK, they're bottomless) or Bloodys for $9.99 with an entrée every day until 3pm.

Cabo Cantina

The deal: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10am-3pm, get $9.95 bottomless mimosas or Bloodys.

Rock & Reilly's

The deal: $24 gets you breakfast and all-you-can-drink mimosas, Bud Light drafts, or Bloodys.

Riot House Restaurant

The deal: $15 AYCD mimosas with a brunch entree at this restaurant at the Andaz

The Church Key

The deal: Flag down one of those roving cocktail carts to order up $13 bottomless mimosas.


Lazy Dog


The deal: Weekend brunch features $5 (!) cocktails until 2pm Saturday and Sunday.




The deal: 'Til 2:30pm, there're $14 bottomless mimosas.

Primitivo Wine Bistro

The deal: Sit outside and down $15 unlimited mimosas or sangria, and listen to live acoustic music from the likes of Christopher Hawley and Burning Jet Black's David Sparrow.

Cabo Cantina

The deal: The fratty Mexican beach hut's got bottomless mimosas or Bloodys for $9.95, Fri-Sun 'til 3pm.


The deal: On Sundays, $14.99 will get you a big ol’ brunch entrée and continuous pours of Champagne, Bloody M's, and sangria at this traditional Mexican stalwart.

Sunny Spot

The deal: Catch some rays on the patio, order up the pork belly and eggs, and power through bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys, and the tasty Sunny Rum Punch for $17.

The Anchor

The deal: $15 nonstop Bloodys and mimosas on Sunday only

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Marco's Trattoria

West Hollywood

The deal: Mon-Fri from 9am-3pm, and on weekends from 8am-2pm, $12 scores you bottomless mimosas and $10 all-you-can-drink Champagne for two hours.

Taste on Melrose

The deal: Saturday and Sunday, unlimited mimosas and bubbly are $16 with a two-hour max.

Kitchen 24

The deal: Saturdays only, stop by for $15 bottomless Bloodys and mimosas.

Basix Cafe

The deal: Saturday and Sunday, classic mimosas are $15 and blood orange mimosas are $16.50, and both come with free refills.

Tortilla Republic

The deal: $17 gets you the mimosas that have no bottom.


The deal: Got $14? Then you've got all the Champagne and orange juice you can drink.

Hamburger Mary's

The deal: The notorious drag queen brunch is even notorious-er, thanks to $14.95 bottomless mimosas.

The Hudson

The deal: $15 mimosas forever with purchase of an entree

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The Six

West LA

The deal: Buy an entree and get bottomless bubbly for just $15.


Sagebrush Cantina

West Valley

The deal: $29 gets you an unlimited brunch buffet with Champagne, as well as two shots of flavor-infused vodka.




The deal: You're gonna think this is a typo, but it's not: bottomless Champagne is just $6 at this fried chicken-and-waffle joint near the airport.

Flickr/Kris Krug



The deal: Buy an entree from 10am-4pm on weekends, and get nonstop mimosas for $15 and/or endless Champagne for $10.

Napa Valley Grille

The deal: Mimosas, Bloody Marys, red or white sangria, and sparkling wine are all available for only $4 each.


The deal: Exchange $14 for bottomless strawberry mimosas (lemon, St. Germain, One Hope sparkling wine).

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