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11 Louisville Bars That Are Open on Christmas Day

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Yes, we know that most Chinese buffets are open on Christmas Day. But what happens when an egg roll just isn’t going to cut it after hours of family time? No fear, we've got you covered. Below is a list of 11 bars open on Christmas Day in Louisville for when you need to get some slightly stronger holiday spirit into you.

Nach Bar

This Germantown hole in the wall isn’t a bad place to spend your holiday. Opens at 8pm. 

Magnolia Bar

Old Louisville
Good beer, cheap liquor, and the best jukebox in Louisville. Opens at 5pm on Christmas Day. 

Outlook Inn

The Highlands
“Louisville’s oldest tavern” has one fine Bloody Mary (we could make an Immaculate Conception joke here, but we’ll refrain). Opens at 4pm. 

The Back Door

The Highlands
If Christmas leaves you lonely for some good company, The Back Door -- “Louisville’s friendliest tavern” -- may be the place to go. Opens at 6pm. 

Castaway Lounge

Tired of Christmas carols? Head to Castaway Lounge for karaoke. Opens at 6pm. 

Freddie's Bar & Lounge

If you need to be slightly buzzed to get through Christmas dinner (complete with Uncle Joe’s political commentary and questions about when you’ll produce a grandchild), Freddie’s opens at noon.

Haymarket Whiskey Bar

There’s no better place to take the edge off of a tense family holiday than Haymarket Whiskey Bar. Head there at 4pm and select one -- or five -- of the over 150 bourbons on offer to drink away the day.

Sergio’s World Beers

Crescent Hill
Head home for the holidays (or at least to Sergio’s, “Home to over 1,000 beers"). Opens at 2pm. 

Big Bar

For those who need a tall drink -- or a Santa dance party -- to deal with a big holiday headache, Big Bar opens at 8pm.

Gerstle’s Place

Crescent Hill
Live music at Gerstle’s will get you out of the family room and onto the dance floor. Opens at 4pm with music at 10pm.


Screw those newfangled kids' toys that you’re inevitably going to end up putting together for your niece. Zanzabar’s doors open at 8pm this year with cold beer, vintage pinball machines, and the musical act “I’m Dreaming of a White Stripes Christmas” kicking off at 9pm.

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Lindsey McClave is a freelance food and travel writer with a fondness for egg nog. Keep up with her holiday happenings at @FoodieGirlKY.