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Where to Drink in Miami This New Year's Eve

Updated On 12/11/2017 at 06:02PM EST Updated On 12/11/2017 at 06:02PM EST
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Mac's Club Deuce

Miami Beach

A landmark dive bar with an early-morning happy hour
Mac’s Club Deuce is the undisputed champion of Miami dive bars. While its namesake owner passed away recently at the age of 101, the bar lives on as a testament to everyone in South Beach who enjoys 2-for-1 drinks at 6 in the morning. It’s the odd Miami landmark that hasn’t been torn down or renovated, and if you can see through the smoke at the horseshoe bar, you’ll find some of Miami’s greatest characters sitting inside.

Courtesy of Regent Cocktail Club

The Regent Cocktail Club

South Beach

Miami’s best cocktail bar where the drinks are in a constant flux
This swanky speakeasy in the back of the Gale hotel is pretty much the go-to when any out-of-towner wants great cocktails. The throwback décor and dressed-up bartenders make this spot a charming throwback to the art-deco era, and the daily rotation of creative drinks ensures no trip here will ever be exactly the same.

Courtesy of Broken Shaker

The Broken Shaker

Miami Beach

The backyard of a hostel slinging top-notch cocktails
It is, without question, the single-greatest youth hostel bar in history. Where instead of pasty, creepy dudes with backpacks, you'll find an herb garden full of ingredients for the craft cocktails made inside. Oversized chairs dot the massive, shady courtyard full of banyan trees and ferns. And on the odd cool night, there’s no better place to relax outdoors with a tasty cocktail.

Monty's Raw Bar

Monty's Raw Bar

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove’s waterfront, happy hour stalwart
Believe it or not, there are a handful of people in Miami who have these crazy things called “9-to-5 jobs they can actually explain.” And on Friday nights, pretty much all of them end up at this waterside raw bar in Coconut Grove. Add in a hefty number of UM kids who might still be in the Grove from the night before and kicking off your weekend here is a true way to experience what life is really like for Miami locals.

Batch Gastropub

Batch Gastropub


Sports, food, and nightlife with craft cocktails on tap
Nobody’s mistaking Miami for anything close to a “sports town,” or even a “town that realizes it has a hockey team.” But if you live in Downtown or Brickell and long for a communal game-watching experience, Batch is the place to go. Many of the tables have cocktails and beer on tap AT THE ACTUAL TABLE WHERE YOU SIT... so there’s not need to get up from the big, comfy booths or even wait for a server.

Courtesy of East Miami



An Asian garden in the sky
We highly suggest you check out this Asian tropical oasis on the roof of the East Hotel on, like, a Tuesday at 4:30pm. While the drinks, views, and creative food here make this the best new addition to Brickell nightlife in 2016, the line to get in on Friday afternoon is brutal. And NO self-respecting Miamian waits in line for anything that doesn’t involve a TSA patdown.

Juan Fernando Ayora

Pawn Broker Rooftop and Lounge


Drink in the middle of the Miami skyline
Drink in a bathtub on a Downtown rooftop? How could you possibly say no? Just be careful not to take that phrase too literally. This relatively new rooftop bar at the Langford Hotel Downtown might make you feel like you’re drinking right in the middle of the Miami skyline. But the aforementioned bathtub is actually the “glass” for their trademark Giggle Water drink, a lavender-flavored vodka number that’s a little like downing a delicious bubble bath (the experience… not the actual taste).



Coral Gables

A wine bar with an incredible menu created to pair
Led by a wine-pairing savant who can literally find the perfect compliment to an Arby’s melt, this tiny Miracle Mile wine bar has a menu created completely backwards, starting with wine and finding food that pairs with it. It reigns supreme as the best wine bar in the city, and the down-home, friendly staff allows you to appreciate fine wine without feeling intimidated.

Zeinab Kristen/Thrillist

Monty's Sunset

South Beach

The best place to drink while the sun goes down
For a city built completely on an island, Miami Beach has a surprising lack of waterfront bars. And this will all make sense when everything water-front is water-submerged in a few years. But for now, Monty’s is the Beach’s quintessential place to drink by the bay, where the big swimming pool and chickee huts provide a relaxing setting to watch the sunset over the Miami skyline.

Blackbird Ordinary

Blackbird Ordinary


Live music and craft cocktails in a distinctly urban setting
If you’re the kind of person who likes saying stuff like “This feels just like New York,” and you mean it in a good way, you’re probably a big fan of Blackbird Ordinary. This dimly lit Brickell bar has an effortlessly cool divey feel on the inside, full of creative cocktails and the occasional live band. Out back, the well-lit courtyard finds you drinking in the shadow of skyscrapers -- for an authentically-NYC feel with about 15x the square footage.


RedBar Drink Company


Art and vintage chairs in which to enjoy craft cocktails
This spot is tucked away on the ground floor of an apartment building, sandwiched between a pizza place and the front lobby. But once inside you’ll find an expertly-crafted cocktail menu served out amongst kitchy, vintage furniture. The high ceilings allow for large, thought-provoking murals on the wall, making this one of the more visually stimulating places to drink in a seemingly urbane area.

Courtesy of Ball and Chain

Ball & Chain

Little Havana

A throwback to the '30s with a heavy Cuban flair
Miami is about as big on history as we are on ice scrapers, but the legends that have played at this bar are as much a part of the draw as the pastelito daiquiris. Names like Count Basie and Tommy Dorsey played after-hours shows nearly 80 years ago, and the new owners have restored the place to look much like it did during its heyday. They’ve even kept the original Dade County Pine ceiling supports, and added a big bandshell out back shaped like a pineapple.

Courtesy of Duffy’s

Duffy's Sports Grill

North Miami Beach

A waterfront sports bar with lively DJs and a swimming pool
Here we have a sports bar with boat tie ups, a pool, and the occasional live DJ. The only way this could be any more “Miami” is if local politicians were somehow using it to launder money. This waterfront sports palace might be part of a big regional chain, but it’s become emblematically 305, and with 2-for-1 drinks all day every day, is the North Dade go-to for any big game.

Courtesy of The Anderson

The Anderson


As close to the '90s as you’re getting without having to give up your cell phone
A good night at The Anderson feels a lot like being at your high school homecoming dance. The décor and cocktails here are all about Gen-X nostalgia, with drink names like “Trapper Keeper” and “Too Old for this S**t,” old '80s and '90s movie posters on the wall, and a soundtrack that’s long on Biggie and the Spice Girls. But even those born after 1990 (and before 1997!) can enjoy this place... they just may need some of the references explained.

Courtesy of Ricky's South Beach 


South Beach

Live band karaoke, arcade games, and beer pong at your table
Here in Miami -- and especially in South Beach -- a lot of us get so caught up in showing the world we're having their idea of "fun" that we forget to have any fun ourselves. So do yourself a favor and head to this spot from the people who brought you Bodega. Inside you'll find an arcade with motorcycles, a Terminator game (obviously), and other childhood classics. You'll also discover post-childhood classics like the beer pong table in the back and the mini-beer pong tables you can literally pick up and take to your table. It's also got carnival-style food on the menu like spun sugar, popcorn, and Nashville hot chicken cones. Plus live-band karaoke every Monday night, with performances you wouldn't believe come from amateurs.

Bitter Truth

Bitter Truth

Sunset Harbour

A hidden, upstairs speakeasy marked by a single stoplight
If you really want to hide a bar in Miami, use a sign everyone ignores. Like a traffic signal. This is the logic behind this hard-to-spot upstairs drinking den above Lutum. Only open on the weekends past 10pm, the hidden cocktail lounge is findable only by a traffic signal mounted on the side of the building. Open the door below and head upstairs to a busy, boisterous spot where bartenders mix up drinks based on what you’re in the mood for, then sip your drink while looking down onto the street, shooting pool, or relaxing on the couch.

Sweet Liberty

Sweet Liberty Drink and Supply Company

Collins Park

An award-winning cocktail bar that’s a go-to for happy hour
Forget the accolades this place has won (the Tales of the Cocktail Best American High Volume Cocktail Bar, Playboy’s Best Bars in America, and, most importantly this list) -- Sweet Liberty gives South Beach something it so desperately needed: a cool bar not hell-bent on gouging tourists that’s also not a dive. Here you’ll find Beach locals enjoying fine beverages like the Que Pina with gin, chartreuse, pineapple, and sage. Or the Velvet Sideswipe with mezcal, Ancho Reyes, pineapple, pepper, and lemon. But more often you’ll find them here for the Beach’s best happy hour, where 75-cent oysters are accompanied by $5 cocktails from 4pm-7pm.



South Beach

Art, cocktails, and punch bowls from a South Beach nightlife legend
Chris Paciello is quietly making his name in South Beach once again. Following his success at Rockwell, he’s teamed up with Mio Danilovic to open this place, a sexy speakeasy with Wynwood-like murals on the wall and big leather couches on the floor. The drinks are a creative blend of classics and cool creations -- think Cucumber Mint Collins or a rum smash made with muddled passionfruit. There’s also drinks of the big, sharable variety that are a nice tourist alternative to the sugar-packed ones on Ocean Drive. And the menu ranges from traditional wings to tuna tataki and a miso sea bass lettuce cup.

Black Market Miami

Black Market


Eighties nostalgia meets 21st century nightlife at the ultimate Miami sports bar
Only in Miami does a sports bar have bottle service. That’s Black Market, a downtown spot with 30 flat screens and a host of VIP tables. You might call it the city’s first Sports Ultralounge, in the sense that if you tune out the play-by you’ll feel like you probably need better shoes to fit in. But look a little closer and you’ll see walls filled with 1980s' Miami nostalgia, celebrating the heyday of UM football and the last time the Dolphins were relevant. In between classic cocktails, check out the Orange Bowl memorabilia and learn what the city was like when it was still a rough little corner of America. Part history-lesson, part club, it’s without a doubt the most Miami place to watch South Florida sports.

Gianni's At The Villa

Onyx Bar

South Beach

Drink in Gianni Versace’s kitchen
Getting inside the Versace Mansion isn’t easy. Sure, you could book a night there or have dinner at Gianni’s. Or you could pay your rent. Or you can simply go for a cocktail and bites at Onyx Bar, the artfully adorned bar inside Casa Casuarina that once upon a time served as Gianni Versace’s kitchen. The six-seater with accompanying couch is known for its martinis adorned with flecks of gold, but you’re welcome to saunter up and order something simpler. It still won’t be cheap, but if you pair it with burrata, tuna tartare, or Spanish octopus, the bill won’t bankrupt you either, making for a highly-impressive date at one of Miami’s most iconic locales.

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1. Mac's Club Deuce 222 14th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

I’m going to be honest, if Playboy names a bar one of the best in America, I would blindly agree. Mac’s Club Deuce really is, though, and not only because it’s withstood the ever-changing tides of Miami nightlife, but because it hasn’t conformed to the glitz or glam of its peers and still remains one of the greatest dive bars in the country. The black-tiled, neon-lit bar stands today as it did in 1926 when it opened, just a touch more worn and beer-soaked. Mac’s is open from 8am until dawn the next day, and during a large chunk of that (11 hours, to be exact), regulars post up for two-for-one happy hour, because at Mac’s, more than just one hour is happy -- 11 of them are.

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2. Regent Cocktail Club 1690 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Regent Cocktail Club is a club, but not the kind you’re thinking, despite its South Beach locale. The Cocktail Club, inside the sophisticated Gale South Beach Hotel, is the kind of club you’d find in New York City circa 1940, with the sound of live jazz, the scent of cigars, the taste of Sazeracs and Sidecars, and a seat next to Frank Sinatra himself. It’s decorated like a retro speakeasy, which is reflected by the classic cocktail menu, each one anchored by the traditional recipes of the time. Maybe Frank Sinatra won’t be here, but everything else remains the same: during your evening at Regent, you can expect to be serenaded by live music as you sip your Old Fashioneds, stepping outside every so often for breath of fresh… cigar air on the patio (it’s the 21st century, nobody smokes inside anymore).

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3. Broken Shaker 2727 Indian Creek Dr, Miami, FL 33140

In the backyard of the Freehand on South Beach, tucked off to the side, there’s a small alcove overflowing with cocktail-consuming hopefuls, waiting patiently to procure a poolside sipper. The Broken Shaker’s locale on the Freehand’s property is beneficial, not just because the grounds serve as a lounge for the tiny bar front’s patrons, but also because the bar menu taps into the property’s garden for ingredients, resulting in creative, substantive cocktails that also happen to be best when drunk by the pool, in the pool, on a hammock, or anywhere else in the hostel’s art deco backyard. Broken Shaker has since spread its craft cocktail success cross country, with locations in both Chicago and Los Angeles.

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4. Monty's Raw Bar 2550 South Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133

Monty's Raw Bar is a bayside seafood house serving tropical cocktails to patrons under tiki huts, because what else would you drink with a heaping raw-bar platter while gazing out over Biscayne Bay? The bi-level space is located in a shopping strip on Dinner Key, where prime sunset views and the ocean's bounty are accompanied by live music and DJs, and dancing on the weekends.

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5. Batch Gastropub 30 SW 12th St, Miami, FL 33130

You know a bar is serious about keeping the party going strong when they have cocktails on tap (because really, ain’t nobody got time to mix drinks when Friday is in full swing). Boasting massive plasma TVs, ample indoor and outdoor seating room, and a solid menu of high-end pub fare, it’s a Brickell destination for boozy brunch (chicken and waffles, anyone?) and sports games alike.

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6. Sugar 788 Brickell Plz, Miami, FL 33131

Located on the 40th floor of Brickell's East Hotel, this Asian-inspired rooftop bar offers zen vibes and a garden with mood lighting, ideal for a first-date evening. Cocktails obviously take after Asian influences in both name and ingredients (like the Lychee Blossom and Sunset Samba), while the tapas selection varies with dishes like classic boneless chicken wings and grilled prawns.

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7. Pawn Broker Rooftop and Lounge 121 SE 1st Street, Miami, FL

At Pawn Broker, the glass you clink with is just as significant as the cocktail inside. One of the most highly acclaimed bars in the city, Pawn Broker is perched high above the streets on the roof of Downtown’s Langford Hotel. Each of the bar’s 1920s-themed cocktails is served in a unique, dedicated glass: The Giggle Water, an allusion to Prohibition bathtub gin, is served in a tiny ceramic bathtub, brimming with lavender foam atop Martin Miller W.S. gin, champagne syrup, and Fever Tree Indian tonic, while the White Lightning is held in a transparent lowball. At Pawn Broker, Sundays mean debauchery, not confession, meaning a boozy bar brunch with all-you-can-drink rosé, frosé, and mimosas as well as quesadillas, pastries, peanut butter French toast sticks, and eggs Benedict empanadas.

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8. Uvaggio 70 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Michael Porter, a 20-year sommelier -- along with Top Chef alum Bret Pelaggi -- took his favorite bottles and created an entire menu of stuff to pair with them at this Coral Gables hot spot. Try the veal sweetbreads with gnocchi, beech mushrooms and gremolata with the J.L. Chave Mon Coeur 2010 CĂ´tes du RhĂ´ne. Pair with any of their 20+ wines by the three or 6oz glass, or one of their 100+ by the bottle.

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9. Monty's Sunset 300 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Something about eating seafood on a dock makes it seem just a little more fresh. And something about eating fresh seafood on a dock next to a pool makes it all the more picturesque. Overlooking the Miami Beach Marina, Monty’s Sunset serves food and drink under poolside tiki huts. Prime sunset views and an institutional happy hour, accompanied by live music and DJs, draws a drinking crowd, while plentiful raw bar options (Florida Keys crab claws, Gulf oysters, and Bahamian conch ceviche) highlight the best of local fish.

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10. Blackbird Ordinary 729 SW 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33130

The Blackbird Ordinary offers wine, beer, shooters, and cocktails that are anything but its name. Get all that with tasty "street food" every Friday at the bar's weekly pop-up, Hidden Kitchen.

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11. Redbar Drink Company Redbar Drink Company, Miami, FL 33130

WIth hand-crafted cocktails, great beats, and a laid-back atmosphere, there's not much more you could ask for. Except for a happy hour that goes from 5-8pm.

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12. Ball & Chain 1513 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135

This historic live music spot, which has hosted the likes of Billie Holiday and Count Basie, is renowned not only for its high-class staging of musicians, but for being one of the first venues to feature African-American performers. Today's Ball & Chain retains the original neon sign and pine ceiling, and gives equal play to both jazz and salsa.

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13. Duffy's Sports Grill 3969 NE 163rd St, Miami Beach , FL 33160

Because drafting Priest Holmes first overall every year in the same exact place gets soooo boring, Duffy's will let you and your fantasy-hound buddies take over their private room, equipped with seven flatscreens and wifi, while enjoying two-for-one drink specials on everything in the house from 4p on.

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14. The Anderson 709 NE 79th St, Miami, FL 33138

This '80s-themed bar with vintage cigarette ads and nostalgically-named cocktails might get creative with its styling, but it keeps things simple with the ambience. The back is set up like an urban beach with picnic tables on the sand and a beach bungalow shack where you'll find a snack-centric menu.

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15. Ricky's 1222 16th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Next to Bodega, and from the same team, Ricky’s is an actual South Beach carnival for grown ups! Really… it’s equal parts restaurant and bar, but mostly entertainment playground, with live music, stand up comedy, karaoke, arcade games, and basically a different themed party every night. Food (part of why it’s a carnival) on offer includes corn dogs, sliders, waffle mac and cheese, and chicken and waffles, and drinks (this is why it’s for grown ups) on offer include upwards of 150 whiskey labels, build-your-own punch bowl, and table-tap beer bongs. See you out there.