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The Best 'Secret' Bars in Miami

Published On 08/18/2015 Published On 08/18/2015
best secret miami bars
Courtesy of Rodrigo Moreno
Courtesy of Rodrigo Moreno

El Carajo


If your date wants to go to dinner at a gas station, you should probably hang up the phone, delete Tinder, and possibly re-evaluate your life choices... unless they’re talking about the BP on 17th and US1, because behind the cigarette counter, there’s an intimate Spanish tapas and wine bar with long wooden tables, Mediterranean-style arches, five-star service, 2,000 vintage wines, plus sharing plates of “tables de carne,” Spanish chorizo, bacon-wrapped dates, and more.
How to get in: Enter the gas station quickie-mart, walk past the cashier and head straight to the hostess stand in the back.


Miami Beach

Marked by nothing but a single red light in a sketchy alleyway behind a random Dominoes, Miami’s most popular speakeasy is known for its strong drinks, dim lighting, swank vibes, and (because when no one can find you, why not?) glass cases full of bazookas, handguns, and assault rifles. Casual.
How to get in: From Alton Road, walk down 14th Court and look for a red streetlight hanging over a grey door.

Courtesy of Bodega Taqueria y Tequila

Bodega Taqueria y Tequila

Miami Beach

When it comes to tacos, there’s rarely something more authentic (and unnerving) than getting them from an old, graffiti-covered garage with cardboard food signs, a tiny taco truck, and a battered, indoor porta-potty scribbled with “BAÑOS.” But, go through that bright-blue crapper door and you’ll step right into the 305 version of Narnia: a swanky, two-story speakeasy-lounge with vintage couches, a long wooden bar, mas tequila, and lit wall-messages that are just so... Miami.
How to get in: Seriously, look for the porta-potty door marked “Baños.”

Courtesy of Drunken Dragon

Drunken Dragon

Miami Beach

When a dark storefront in a less-than-desirable strip mall serves as a portal to a risqué, bondage-themed Korean gastropub, it might be the best grocery store... ever. Step through its dark double-doors and you’ll find a dim-sum-cart-turned-hostess-stand, framed photos of Asian erotica, dim lighting, a wrap-around bar area, wooden tables, and knotted ropes suspended from the ceiling. If that’s not enough, the food and drinks alone are worth the discovery -- it has a menu of Tiki-themed cocktails, Peking bao, crispy bok choi, tableside-grilled short rib, pork shoulder boards, and more so good that you may never want to enter the “real world” again.
How to get in: Head down Alton Road, and when you get to 14th Street, look for the “MARKET” sign in a small strip mall.

Freehand Miami

The Broken Shaker

Miami Beach

You should totally stay away from hostels (haven't you seen that movie??), except for the one with Miami’s best outdoor drinking spot hidden in the courtyard: though the bocce courts and ping pong table are gone, they’ve still got the pool and the herb garden they use to craft some of the best cocktails in the city. In other words, everything you need to have a great afternoon.
How to get in: Go through the Freehand Miami, out to the hostel’s patio/pool area.

Coyo Taco

Wynwood & Brickell

With its wooden picnic tables, laid-back vibes, and made-to-order charred octopus, quinoa, gulf shrimp, crispy duck, and Angus steak tacos, this tiny taco shop is well-known for having long lines and the best Mexican street food east of, well... Mexico. But just past the factory line of made-to-order guac and high-top tables is its lesser-known, equally awesome hideout: a retro garage bar with an impressive number of tequilas and mezcals, in-the-know hipsters, craft beers and “paletaritas” -- popsicle-based margarita cocktails you’ll probably want at least five of.
How to get in: Walk past the bathrooms and through the teal, unmarked door.


Downtown Miami

Hidden in what looks like the edge of a construction zone, this one-size-fits-all hangout might as well be called “anything goes.” Its long hallway entrance -- decked in chicken wire, glass, and raw steel -- is a portal to an old-parlor-meets-nightclub, where 150-year-old mirrors, low chandeliers, an old baby grand piano, poker tables, green velvet curtains, and painted faux-wall bookcases take you back decades; but new wave music reminds you it’s still 2015. And because the point of any bar is, you know, the drinks, we suggest trying the “Libertine Moonshine.” We also wish your liver luck.
How to get in: Head down 11th Street, and just past Space, look for the blue awning above an unmarked blue door.

Better Days

Better Days


Different from the bougieness that covers most of Brickell, Better Days is part thrift store, part bar. The inside is straight out of the 1970s and looks like your grandpa’s ideal living room. In lieu of $20 martinis, you get craft, seasonal cocktails for around $10. Go there on any weekday between 5pm and 8pm, and your wallet will definitely be having a better day -- drafts are $3 to $4, wells are $4, calls are $4 to $5, and wine is $4 a glass.
How to get in: Look for the thrift store “Dead Flamingo” and head on in.

Copper29 Bar

Copper 29

Coral Gables

This new Miracle Mile spot is all about science (which makes sense, considering it’s named after the element copper and its atomic number). Keeping the molecular compounds of their drinks in mind, mixologists use ingredients you’d never think to use to make mysterious drinks you’d probably never think to drink if you weren’t seated at Copper 29. For instance, go for the “Lost in Japan”: it’s served in a tea cup, and mixes Kai shochu, Mastiha FOS, coconut matcha powder tea, fennel seed, yuzu juice, and 24K edible golden power. Then, get the truffle mac & cheese with white cheddar, fontina cheese, crispy pancetta, and toasted bread crumbs. Repeat forever.
How to get in: Walk through the nondescript door between the Starbucks on the corner of Ponce de Leon Blvd and the pastry shop, Janette & Co.

Apothecary 330

Fort Lauderdale

This bar throws stiff, 1920s-inspired drinks right in the heart of an authentic Italian pizzeria. Hidden on the right side of Fort Lauderdale’s Pizza Craft, this upscale speakeasy has “Bar Chefs” instead of bartenders, more than 300 whiskeys, 20+ craft beers on tap, and an absinthe drip, as well as looks like some stylized bistro you’d have a Sazerac on the rocks with Vito Corleone. But just because it’s in a pizzeria, don’t assume you can go in your jorts, sandals, and an old UM shirt. This is a classy joint and a semi-formal dress code is strictly enforced.
How to get in: Enter Pizza Craft and go through the black curtain.



If you want a bar so secret that you can’t even Instagram it, then this nose-in-the-air spot is where you want to be. A haven for fancy, under-the-radar locals, the bar is covered in artifacts and artworks from owner Amir Ben-Zion’s own collection, and has a pool table and a stage where local bands, musicians, and DJs can entertain said under-the-radar locals. It’s open later than most places in Miami (‘til 5am in the summer), so go there after you stumble out of anywhere else and order the namesake cocktail: the Brigitte, a blend of Russian Standard vodka, crème de noisette, and Kahlúa.
How to get in: The address puts it right on North Miami Ave, which it is, but you’ll have to go around back to the parking lot and look for the red awning.

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1. El Carajo Tapas and Wine 2465 SW 17th Ave, Miami, FL 33145

El Carajo is a Spanish tapas and wine bar in Coral Way. It also happens to be fronted by a functioning gas station. However, don't let the facade of convenience fool you: El Carajo just so happens to have one of the most varied collections of wine in the area. The menu features more than just tapas, with paellas and large format meat and seafood dishes for the table also on offer. One sip of sangria and you'll forget you're drinking and dining inside a BP on US-1.

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2. Foxhole Bar 1426A 14th Court, Miami Beach, FL 33139

You won’t be able to find Foxhole Bar without instruction, so listen closely. Down an awesomely shady, unmarked alleyway between West Ave. and Alton (trust me, keep walking), you’ll see a faint light over an oversized door. Breathe, you’ve made it. Foxhole, from a team of local nightlife vets, is a bi-level space with dive bar qualities (darts, pool, jukebox, open ‘till dawn, industry regulars) in a speakeasy-esque hideaway, full of flatscreen TVs dedicated to sports, and arcade games and happy hours to boot. In conclusion, Foxhole can best be described as an upscale sports-dive-speakeasy bar on the bay side of South Beach, and probably the only reason to be out until sunrise for... blocks!

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3. Bodega Taqueria y Tequila 1220 16th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Strings of hanging lights, graffiti art, and neon spray-painted barstools create a vibrant Havana-meets-Brooklyn vibe at Bodega, a taco shop that's cooler than most thanks to its not-so-secret speakeasy out back. An outhouse door near the dining area leads to a sultry, two-level bar that mixes industrial decor with plush velvet sofas and Persian carpets. Tequila is the alcohol of choice here, and though house cocktails are available, your best bet is to order the bartender's choice.

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4. Drunken Dragon 1424 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL

Despite being unmarked, this late night Korean BBQ spot draws consistent evening crowds. Diners grill their own steak, fish, chicken, or shrimp at a tableside grill... or if you’d rather have them prepare the food for you, there’s an extensive menu highlighted by the rice cakes w/ sesame, ssamjang & herbs that will change the way you look at rice cakes forever. The sides dishes (banchan) come gratis, so feel free to load up on the piquant kimchi.

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5. Broken Shaker 2727 Indian Creek Dr, Miami, FL 33140

In the backyard of the Freehand on South Beach, tucked off to the side, there’s a small alcove overflowing with cocktail-consuming hopefuls, waiting patiently to procure a poolside sipper. The Broken Shaker’s locale on the Freehand’s property is beneficial, not just because the grounds serve as a lounge for the tiny bar front’s patrons, but also because the bar menu taps into the property’s garden for ingredients, resulting in creative, substantive cocktails that also happen to be best when drunk by the pool, in the pool, on a hammock, or anywhere else in the hostel’s art deco backyard. Broken Shaker has since spread its craft cocktail success cross country, with locations in both Chicago and Los Angeles.

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6. Coyo Taco 2300 NW 2nd Ave. #3, Miami, FL 33127

Coyo is a grilled-meat taco emporium whose house-made tortillas are filled with everything from crispy duck and grilled cactus to charred octopus and slow-roasted pork shoulder. Tacos come two per order, and if you prefer your meat-and-tortilla combo in another form, you can "convert" it into a burrito, salad bowl, or burrito bowl. The Wynwood original has a bar in the back where you'll usually find a weekend DJ set.

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7. Libertine 40 NE 11th St, Miami, FL 33132

Walking down a creepy, chicken wire-filled street in turn-of-the-century London was usually a pretty good way to find yourself on the wrong end of a Sherlock Holmes story. But at this new downtown spot, where the entryway is adorned with said chicken wire, glass, and raw steel, instead of meeting up with Jack the Ripper at the end, you'll find this boisterous club that’s got a floor made entirely of pennies, a DJ booth made from a repurposed baby grand, and classic craft cocktails behind the bar.

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8. Better Days 75 SE 6th St Ste 103, Miami, FL 33131

A classy take on a good ‘ol fashioned dive bar, Better Days offers up specialty cocktails, good beer, a great happy hour and a relaxed vibe at a very reasonable price. This bar feels right at home in it’s kitschy thrift shop interior, and so will you when you play a round or two of pool between fistfuls of delicious, free popcorn. With shabby chic flamingos, palm trees, and unfinished wood accents, Better Days deftly embodies both the hip vibrance of the Miami night life and the comfy couch in your basement.

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9. Copper 29 206 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134

You probably didn't pay attention in chemistry, but lucky for you the bartenders at Copper 29 did and they have mixing the perfect drink down to a science. From crystal chandeliers to dark wood accents, everything in this stylish speakeasy has an air of mystery…especially the drinks. The long list of inventive and totally unique cocktails is the biggest draw to this hidden gem. Who would have thought mango infused tequila, red cabbage syrup, and bitter lemon soda go together in one refreshing cocktail? We suggest you try their signature drink and leave the mixology to the chemists.

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10. Apothecary 330 330 Himmarshee, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Nestled in the back of Pizza Craft in Fort Lauderdale, this '20s-style speakeasy is all leather chesterfields, exposed brick, and dark wood. The cocktails are just as timeless as the upscale atmosphere, and the talented “Bar Chefs” help you choose from over 300 whiskeys, and 20 craft beers on tap. Authenticity is no joke at Apothecary 330; when you peel back the heavy, black curtain it’s like you’re stepping into one of Gatsby’s legendary shindigs.

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11. Bardot 3456 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Whether you’re making out on the couches, playing pool in the back, or dancing to the sounds of Pirate Stereo and Santiago Caballero on The Carpet, just make sure you leave with someone up for a little... um, well, you know...