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Best Bars For Single Mingling in Miami

It's 10pm on a Friday night and your coupled-up friends went home, leaving you in Brickell. It’s been a long week, and you want a nightcap. Plus the breeze feels good and you’ll be damned if you got all dressed up to only hit a restaurant. You’re looking to score.

It’s time to make your way to a nearby bar for a drink and meet some strangers. Fortunately, Miami has no shortage of spots full of singles currently in the same mindset. From sultry dance parties and upscale hotspots to low-key dives and dimly lit rooms, there’s something for everyone in the 305. Here are the best places to find love in Miami -- even if it’s just for a night.

Better Days


This Brickell institution is known for being the reason behind some of the best late nights you’ll probably never remember. While the free popcorn and pool table might be a draw for some, locals know it’s where to go when you’re looking for a ‘better day’. Happy hour is ideal for singles on the prowl as it’s a frequent watering hole for Brickell’s 9-to-5ers in desperate need of an after work drink.

Sweet Liberty

Miami Beach

Upon entering Miami Beach’s Sweet Liberty, it’s hard to miss the purple neon sign that says Pursue Happiness, but pursuing happiness isn’t the only thing singles are looking for here. The bar is open every day until 5am allowing for plenty of time to mingle and talk. It’s the kind of place where you’ll find yourself taking advantage of the killer happy hour specials -- $1 oysters (who doesn’t love a cheap aphrodisiac) and $5 cocktails. And before you know it the sun is coming up and you’re on the beach across the street rolling in the sand. We may or may not be speaking from experience.

Mama Tried


A quick shot of tequila under the stars (aka the bar’s twinkling ceiling) and who knows who you’ll meet at Mama Tried. The popular late night spot has a menu full of easy to drink cocktails, like the Pornstar Martini, which is topped with just enough bubbles to get the job done. If you’re starting to overthink your choices just look over at the large mural by the door and remember, ”No Regerts”  because sometimes, mama’s just tryin’ to get laid.

The Corner


A bar open until 8am right across the street from Miami’s premier ultra-club E11even (read: burlesque shows and more) sounds like just the right place to find a late night pal to make potentially great memories with. At The Corner, singles will find a mix of nightowls, hospitality workers looking for something fun after hours, and some of Miami’s most unique characters. So order yourself a little liquid courage and start up that conversation.

The Dirty Rabbit


If you’re looking to dance with a sexy stranger, The Dirty Rabbit is where you’re headed. Hip-hop and Latin music fill the air, setting the stage for lots of booty shaking action. There’s something about the humidity and flashing lights that really sets the mood… especially as you hit the dance floor with a mix of other very hot Miami partiers. And as the name implies, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little down and dirty here.



Walk up to the bar and you’ll be greeted by giant neon letters reading “I’ve smoked, snorted, and fuk’d everything Miami has to offer.” That should be enough to clue you in on the vibe here, but if it’s not… it’s fun. The vibe is fun. A restaurant by day, and a dimly lit lounge by night, Barsecco is known for drawing in energetic crowds of singles looking for a good time. All of which is amplified by their nightly specials like Model Behavior Wednesdays, where women get free frosé from 9pm until midnight.

Purdy Lounge

Sunset Harbour

Who doesn’t love a light up dance floor filled with beautiful people dancing to great music? At Purdy Lounge, singles come in at all hours of the night looking for Mr/Mrs Right or Right Now. The main draw here is definitely the music, especially on Mondays with its well-known reggae night. That, and their motto of “No attitude. No cover. No bullshit.” Ah dirty Purdy we love you.

Sugar at East


Perched 40-stories high overlooking all of Miami, Sugar at East Hotel’s rooftop is a place you’ll find a classy crowd of singles. Take in panoramic views and Asian tapas while settling into a nice martini amidst a verdant garden. It’s a bit pricey, so be prepared to drop some coin if you’re looking to find something sweet.

Bougainvillea’s Old Florida Tavern

South Miami

Better known as Bougies to, well, everyone who’s ever stepped foot inside, this South Miami establishment has been home to many first dates, one night stands, and backyard makeout sessions. Every night has its own form of party inducing kryptonite like $5 Jager shots on Mondays, ladies drink free on Wednesdays, and house party Fridays. If you’re in need of some social lubricant to loosen up your game, this is where you’ll find it.

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Amber Love Bond is a Thrillist contributor.