Your Guide to Miami's Best Craft Coffee Shops

Here in Miami, cafecitos are the go-to coffee choice in town, and ventanitas -- those wonderful walk-up cortadito-dispensing windows -- can be found on pretty much every corner. But when it comes to coffee, you know what can’t be found? Nothing actually, thanks to a slew of great coffee shops all around the 305. Every spot on this list hones their focus on using quality products and creating a low-key, friendly vibes atmosphere. Here are Miami’s best...

Coffee at Panther Coffee
Panther Coffee

Panther Coffee

South Beach (& other locations)

These guys need no intro. They are the godfathers of the local craft coffee movement, bringing back concepts like pour-overs, French presses, Japanese-style slow drips, and cupping sessions in a coffeehouse setting. Extremely popular, lines are usually out the door and the waits can be 20+ minutes. But hey, at least you can make a new friend while you’re waiting.

Vice City Bean

Downtown Miami

In between Wynwood and Downtown’s Arts and Entertainment District is a small, industrial-like space stocked with a wide array of java brews along with pastries and hot plates. The coffee shop doesn’t roast its own beans, but the owners, Ronald and Eva Baker, curate their most beloved blends from around the globe. Look for Madcap Coffee from Grand Rapids, Michigan or local brews from South Florida.

Coffee at Pasion del Cielo
Pasion del Cielo

Pasión del Cielo

Kendall (& other locations)

Simply referred to as Pasión, this place offers 15 different single-origin beans from places all around the world... Hawaii, Colombia, Brazil, Jamaica, and Kenya to name a few. As for food, baked empanadas are the go-to here. With six locations and counting, it's in hardcore expansion mode (a South Beach and Doral spot are expected soon). 

French press coffee at Juan Valdez
Juan Valdez Cafe

Juan Valdez Café

Downtown Miami (& other locations)

If you can’t make it to Colombia, this is the next best thing. Not only are the new full-service shops simply chic and sustainable, they feature photography of the coffee producers and other cultural novelties. Each of the stores has a special cupping session table, where you can get down to learning about the country’s premium beans and regions -- Santander, Cauca, Sierra Nevada, and Nariño.

specialTEA Lounge


Don’t be fooled by this shop’s name. Its coffee game is strong too, thanks to items like iced Vietnamese coffee and the Dirty Grasshopper, a mix of coffee, mint, and Oreos. It also has tons of salads, sandwiches, and desserts on the menu to satisfy the hungry FIU crowd. We just need to start a petition for it to open on weekends.

Coffee at the MIAM Cafe

Miam Cafe


If you can’t make it to Eternity Coffee Roasters in Downtown, try Miam Cafe instead. The Wynwood-based coffee shop brews Eternity and makes a pastry featuring its coffee too. It's the coffee duffin, which is a doughnut/muffin hybrid, boasting a creamy center filled with sweet paste made from Eternity Coffee Roasters. Pair it with a cup of joe and you’re good to go.

Cafe Curuba in Miami
Javier Ramirez

Cafe Curuba

Coral Gables

While the owner is originally from Colombia, she’s ventured away from traditional Latin coffee (see Juan Valdez above) and veered towards Italian-style traditionalism. This shop makes pan de bono with sweet guava filling, which is reason enough to visit, but opt to get your drinks to go, since the spot is tiny. As for the name, well, it’s Spanish for banana passionfruit. Lookie there, you learned something new.


Downtown Miami

More than 25 years before Puroast’s flagship location in Downtown Miami opened, came the coffee shop’s signature brews. The brand, created in Southern California, is the product of brothers Kerry and Jim Sachs, who spent months abroad perfecting a single cup of coffee. Stop in and see for yourself.

Cafe Demetrio in Miami
Café Demetrio

Café Demetrio

Coral Gables

Opened in 1997, it claims to be the 'hood’s original coffeehouse. Order a Cafe Demetrio, its version of the cortadito, head straight to the outdoor, palm tree-covered courtyard, and... um, drink your coffee, obviously.

Eternity Coffee in Miami
Eternity Coffee Roasters

Eternity Coffee Roasters

Downtown Miami

For a really long time, decades really, people downtown had to settle for boring old chain coffee spots. These guys changed the scene, and expectations, with their single-origin coffee, San Franciscan roasters, and overall seed-to-cup lifestyle. Pro tip: they offer free parking in the Ingraham Garage; just make sure to ask for the validation.



One of the city’s best new coffeehouses is the progeny of Panther Coffee alum, Camila Ramos. The shop is sandwiched between The Corner Bar and Fooq's, and before you order, make sure you know the difference between wet or dry milked drinks -- as a barista is sure to ask which you prefer. Wet adds creamy, warm milk to your coffee, and dry tosses in thick froth.

Mister Block in Miami
Mister Block Cafe

Mister Block


This indie indoor/outdoor spot inside Wynwood Block is about to give neighboring Panther a run for its money. Come for the coffee (Counter Culture, here), but stay for the sweet decked-out terrace, products like Mast Brothers chocolate and Big Spoon Roasters peanut butter, and large homemade sandwiches and salads.

Cookies at Sweat Records
Sweat Records

Sweat Records

Little Haiti

Located inside Miami’s coolest record store, it is the only fully vegan coffeehouse in town. Not only does it use Panther Coffee and soy and vanilla almond milks, but everything is also recycled and environmentally friendly. The drinks go the extra mile in both flavor and name, like the Unicorn Love Bomb (double shot of espresso topped with vegan marshmallows) and Señor Mochanut (chocolate coconut latte).

Tinta y Cafe


This Cuban-inspired spot is phenomenal. The space, which features mismatched and eclectic couches, tables, and accessories, offers everything from cortaditos and coladas to sachi-mochas and cafe con leche on ice. Pair a cup with its namesake sandwich -- el Tinta y Cafe -- topped with pulled pork and caramelized onions.

Espresso at the Alaska Roasting Company
Alaska Roasting Company

Alaska Roasting Company

North Miami

Not only is this Northern Miami bean-slinger one of the only purveyors of one of the highest-rated coffee beans in the world, Ethiopian Yrgacheffe, it also employs students from nearby JWU, which means all the pizza and baked goods are made in-house. The large space also offers comfy couches on which to sprawl after a few too many of said baked goods.

Pastries at Warsaw Coffee Company
Warsaw Coffee Company

Warsaw Coffee Company

Fort Lauderdale

From the guys behind Tap 42 Bar & Kitchen, this 3,800sqft (go big or go home) industrial-style behemoth features a roasting area, a scratch-pastry kitchen, a walk-up bar with pour-overs and espresso, and a drive-through that accommodates 11 cars. It's serving coffee by local roasters Argyle Coffee. Warning: the homemade Pop-Tarts sell out extra fast, so plan accordingly.

Breakfast at BREW Urban Cafe
BREW Urban Café Next Door

BREW Urban Cafe Next Door

Fort Lauderdale

In 2013, people freaked out when this coffeehouse shut down, but it's popped up again inside C&I Studios, resembling an eclectic mix of a library, garage, and speakeasy, right on the railroad tracks. There’s also a courtyard out back, which features street art. This place brews local favorite Wells Coffee Co. and features a full liquor bar on Friday and Saturday nights.

B Sweet Coffee Shop

Design District

This hole-in-the-wall coffee shop features a variety of brews along with hand-crafted pastries all made onsite. Thomas Worhach, who’s dabbled with sweets for more than 30 years, whips up Nutella croissants, protein balls, and mini crème brûlée every day. Pro tip: come early as confections sell out quick.

Coffee at the Grind Coffee Project
Grind Coffee Project

Grind Coffee Project

Fort Lauderdale

Yoni, the owner, is a perfectionist and he will most likely be making your drink, which can alternate between Kuma, Panther, Ceremony, and Anodyne coffees with fun toppings like Nutella, balsamic vinegar, and candied bacon. There's also a coffee club, where for $30/month, you’ll get two 12oz bags of coffee, one from Egghead and the other from a roaster that rotates on a monthly basis. Just make sure to Google directions, cause it’s a little hard to find.

Subculture Coffee in Miami
Kallima Photography

Subculture Coffee

Delray Beach & West Palm Beach

There’s nothing South Floridians love more than a spot that’s open late. On some nights, this one stays open until 2am. Everybody raves about the coconut lattes, because the coco mellows out the bitter edge. Décor is artsy and hip with coffee bean lamps and photo collage walls. They work with six single-origin coffees, and also offer wine, beer, and gelato. Both locations are in the heart of the action, so coffee can easily turn into beer and wine and vice versa.

The Seed

Boca Raton

Featuring both single-origin and specialty blends by Wells Coffee Co., it also offers a unique self-serve syrup bar with flavors like lavender and vanilla. But this spot takes it to the next level with homemade cold-pressed juices and smoothies. Make sure to grab a seat next to the great wood-paneled wall for your Insta pics, no filter required.

Harold’s Coffee Lounge

Harold’s Coffee Lounge

West Palm Beach

Offering the widely popular Intelligentsia Coffee (specifically Black Cat Project and El Diablo), the iced brews are the way to go. Brewed in ice-cold water for 12-14 hours in special machines, it reduces high bitterness and acidity. Located in the Northwood 'hood, Harold's is all about the local arts, showcasing it on its walls and in events like Lyrical Ink, poetry slams, and drum circle Thursdays.

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Clarissa Buch is a Thrillist contributor who proudly drinks multiple cups of coffee a day sans milk, sugar, and cream. Follow her foodie-adventures on Instagram and Twitter.