Throw on your zoot suit, buster -- Lucali is doing the '30s with its secret social club

The 1930 Social Club

The problem with going to most dimly lit locals' South Beach watering holes is that, for three days afterwards, people will walk up to you, take a sniff, and say, “So, long night at The Deuce?” To avoid this telltale aroma, here comes the 1930 Social Club, the Lucali team’s totally hidden, still dimly lit, clean-aired locals’ spot with craft beers, low-production wines, board games, and old movies.

 Wine pour at The 1930 Social Club

To get in, find the black door on the left of Lucali, right before you get to the kitchen. Once inside, the décor is all Prohibition-y, as are the newspaper-covered doors and super-low light that keep this secret club invisible from the fuzz, SEE??

Interior at the 1930 Social Club

No frills! The '30s hated frills. Belly up to the bar -- made from the roof of the original Lucali in Brooklyn -- order a drink, and watch a vintage silent movie on the very not-1930s flat screen.

Draft beer at 1930 Social Club

After mastering pizza, the Lucali peeps have moved on to its best friend beer (well, ordering it) with a rotating selection of 10 crafts on draft.

 Beers at The 1930 Social Club

There's another dozen in bottles and cans that they'll happily bring you in a glass.

 Board Games at The 1930 Social Club

Once inside, you can play cards, dominoes, or dice, or go a little more modern with original versions of classic board games.

 Waitress at The 1930 Social Club

The waitress’ll gladly bring you either low-production Italian wines or hard stuff like their takes on the Old Fashioned, Brooklyn Shandy, and Manhattan -- but don’t ask her for a pizza, you've gotta go back through the secret door to Lucali for those. But that's cool, it smells even better over there.