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The Grove bash full of craft brews and beer cocktails

The following story is based on actual events: One night, the peeps behind Grovetoberfest were throwing back beers, because that's what they do, and pondered why they didn't host more beer festivals, especially ones that involve beer pong, corn hole, and human bowling. Then they drank more beer. And from that sprang Sprung: the Grove's inaugural spring beer fest packing 200 craft brews, all those aforementioned games, and -- to go beyond the standard (but fantastic!) little glasses of suds -- tents housing nothing but innovative and delicious beer-based cocktails. Some finer examples

Dirty Hoe: For this one, Hoegaarden Belgian White goes in a pint glass with a rich chocolate stout to form what they refer to as a "quite elegant Dirty Hoe", possibiy the first since Marilyn Monroe

Half-wit: This combines your favorite Belgian Wit with a Sprite (or Cherry Sprite if you're a real boundary-pusher/somehow have access to Cherry Sprite)

Crown Float: Combining apple juice with a German Kellerbier (they're going with Sam Adams Alpine Spring) makes this guy go down so smooth, you eventually won't be sure which actual events were actually actual.