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Pabst Is Reopening Its Milwaukee Brewery

There's an old saying, "You can't go home again." But Pabst Brewing Co. must not know this old saying, as the working-man's beer maker is coming back to its old brewing grounds, launching a tasting room, and even reviving pre-Prohibition beers. Let's just hope they're not skunked.

The company announced Wednesday it will reopen a brewery in Milwaukee at the site of its original brewery, founded back in 1844. The proposed project includes a microbrewery and tasting room where the former Pabst Brewing complex once lived in downtown Milwaukee's West Side. Which is kinda weird, since, if you've ever been a dive bar or camping, you know exactly how Pabst tastes. But whatever.

Although the site has mostly been converted into a hotel, apartments, and offices since the brewery closed its doors in 1996, the microbrewery will open on the grounds of a former church in Summer 2016. Pabst left Milwaukee after flagging sales led to the company's sale in 1985, well before even hipsters knew PBR was cool. Eventually the brewery shuttered, and Pabst moved to San Antonio, contracting out its brewing to MillerCoors. But following the company's sale in late 2014, Pabst has looked to its history for the company's direction.

In that vein, it's even relaunching beers that haven't been around since Probibition, including Old Tankard Ale and Kloster Beer to go along with its biggest sellers, PBR, Colt 45 and Old Milwaukee.

Hipsters everywhere, rejoice: Your PBR just got locally sourced.