The only thing expanding more rapidly than the number of sweet new breweries in the Twin Cites is the beer belly you're getting from drinking at all the sweet new taprooms. In fact, there are so many new places to drink beer straight from the source that it's hard to keep them all straight. So, to make things easy for you, we picked the 11 best taprooms in MSP and ranked 'em...


11. Bauhaus Brew Labs

Tucked away in a little cluster of warehouses, this newer addition to the North East brewery scene boasts a huge space that still manages to feel fairly intimate despite the old-school factory aesthetic, making it the perfect place to grab a few pints.

Keane Amdahl/Thrillist

10. Tin Whiskers Brewing Company

Located on an ambiguous little side street in St. Paul’s Lowertown district, this place is packed with modern, brick wall-style charm. Long wooden tables, couches, and bar stools fill up the seating area, which is basically set up for making new friends, so come prepared to talk to strangers.


9. Sisyphus Brewing

This new addition to the outskirts of Downtown Minneapolis is basically a rec room designed for the (responsible) mass consumption of beer. There're a few shuffleboard tables and a stack of games for you and your friends to enjoy along with a few pints of the delicious brews.


8. Urban Growler Brewing Company

St. Anthony Park
Located just a few minutes away from the new mega-Surly complex, this is a great alternative to MSP's new beer megaplex, thanks to an airy, high-ceiling'd drink space surrounding brewing equipment and sweet brews like the flagship Graffiti IPA.


7. 612BREW

If you’re looking for a great spot to mix and mingle with a lot of different people, 612’s big open taproom is a great place to be. There’s actually a fair amount of seating where you can congregate with friends, but it does tend to fill up, so grab a beer and say hello to the person next to you; I mean, you clearly have something in common.

Fulton Beer

6. Fulton Brewery

One of the first to the Minneapolis taproom scene, the Fulton taproom has still got it and it’s a great spot to hit before venturing out and exploring more of Downtown. Aside from the line of excellent beers, there're also some of the best frequent food truck visitors, which makes for some pretty optimal snacking.

Summit Beer Hall

5. Summit Brewing

West Seventh
The classics are classics for a reason, and with all of the new breweries popping up it can be easy to forget the originals. This giant beer hall is just that, and it’s perfect for trying out the extensive catalog of delicious beers with a group of your closest compatriots.

Harriet Brewing

4. Harriet Brewing

For the art-minded beer-drinkers of the world, this is the place for you. It's littered with various photos and paintings by local artist and often host sweet musical guests, all of whom share an appreciation for the art that's on display at this South Minneapolis watering hole.

Indeed Brewing Company

3. Indeed Brewing Company

Dark wood, brick, and a lot of nice, natural light pair exceptionally well with the delicious roster of brews at this Northeast brew pub. There's also some nice outdoor patio seating for when the weather gets permissible, and frequent visits from delicious food trucks is never really a bad thing.

Dangerous Man Brewing Co

2. Dangerous Man Brewing Company

There’s just something about this simple beer hall that’s so filled with charm it's busting at its seams. It's got a great selection of beers, big tables for communal drinking, small tables for close conversation, and a cabinet filled with board games. Be warned, however, this place tends to fill up fast!

Keane Amdahl/Thrillist

1. Surly Beer Hall

Prospect Park
This place is basically heaven for craft beer drinkers. There're tons of delicious, frothy options and an entire food menu designed for beer drinking. The best part about the whole thing is that it isn't even done yet! There are more eating facilities, a giant beer garden, and various other little bits and pieces that are still coming together. At Surly, the good just keeps on getting better!

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1. Bauhaus Brew Labs 1315 Tyler St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 (Northeast)

This brewery is a Twin Cities beer-lovers favorite. With a self-proclaimed family of musicians, scientists, artists, and beer lovers they’ve built a NE fortress dedicated to the exploration of classic German beer styles.

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2. Tin Whiskers Brewing Co. 125 9th St E Ste 127, Saint Paul, MN 55101

Tin Whiskers is your typical American microbrewery in that they make a wide variety of styles, but what sets this brewing company apart is its founders and their dedication to science … and its wall to ceiling windows. All electrical engineers who bonded over their love of beer, the founders take all of their recipes through a scientific process that gets as nitpicky as shipping the right water and using different yeast for every brew. All of the beers are named after electrical engineering terms that make absolutely no sense to us, but what matters is that the Flip Switch IPA is drinkable but still hoppy and the Watts Wheat Wine is spiced, complex, and not overly sweet.

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3. Sisyphus Brewing 712 Ontario Ave W, Minneapolis, MN 55403 (Downtown)

Sisyphus, a Minneapolis brewery and taproom aims for diversity with a range of wheat beers. Try taking the Double Rye of Imperial Brown Ale for a spin in their large, industrial style taproom in Lowry Hill. Stop by and sample the goods or enjoy a local comedy show or trivia night while you sip your brew.

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4. Urban Growler Brewing Company 2325 Endicott St, Saint Paul, MN 55114 (Summit University)

Urban Growler’s taproom is a family friendly, high-ceilinged warehouse with warm lighting, American bar food, and 12 beers on tap. After becoming the first female-owned brewery in the state, it’s still making waves in the craft beer scene with unique flavors (i.e. the Jalapeño Cream Ale) and a dedication to darker beers. In the sea of microbrewery IPA’s, Urban Growler prides itself on the dangerously drinkable golden CowBell Creme Ale with its complex, malty flavor and the the special brews like heavy-hitting barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stouts (one aged in a red wine cask and the other in bourbon). Pair your pints with nachos, tater tots, or a pile of Midwestern mac and cheese.

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5. 612Brew 945 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 (Northeast)

Located in The Broadway, a historic building with exposed brick interiors and a polished concrete floor, 612Brew has exactly the kind of atmosphere you'd want in a brewery and taproom. Enjoy the year-round staples and seasonal offerings inside, or take your brews out to the patio and bask in the glory of fresh-air drinking.

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6. Fulton Brewery 414 6th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401 (Downtown)

What began as a homebrewing operation in a one car garage has expanded into a full-blown enterprise. The taproom at Fulton is open every weekend, which is perfect for everyone who doesn't work on the weekend. And if you do work on the weekend, growler sales are also available. It looks like they've thought of everything, because they have!

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7. Summit Brewing Company 910 Montreal Circle, St Paul, MN 55102 (West Seventh)

The tap room at Summit Brewing Company is actually a giant beer hall with communal tables that features food trucks, live music, movie screenings, and 12 beers on tap ranging from seasonal and specialty to flagship. Sip on a limited release barleywine or the Coffee Milk Stout in the winter, or take the malty, toasty Maibock or the hoppy True Brit IPA for a spin on the patio. Bring your kids (and your loose pants) with you to enjoy flights, pints, and food truck fare.

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8. Harriet Brewing 3036 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406 (Longfellow)

Harriet Brewing is all about traditional European-style beer in this sea of American craft. The brewers produce winning Belgian ales and German lagers and the taproom is host to many events and activities like live music … like any good beer hall, Harriet is all about atmosphere because it’s almost as important as what’s on tap. You will also find a number of popular food trucks lined up outside that you and your dog can enjoy (although we can’t say that there are any pooch trucks).

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9. Indeed Brewing Company 711 15th Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 (Northeast)

Indeed is all about community from the fun-loving feel of its warehouse taproom and charming patio to its dedication to community outreach. There are frequently events going on like festivals with food and music to simple flight nights where you can sample some of the beers ranging from the hoppy flagship Midnight Ryder black IPA, to the highly drinkable Session Sour #3, to the formidable specialty Rum King imperial stout. Indeed hosts a rotating list of food trucks so that you can soak up those higher ABV beers with the likes of O’Cheeze’s gourmet grilled cheeses. Pro tip: it has a handy beer calendar on its website so you can easily tell when seasonal beers will be on tap.

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10. Dangerous Man Brewing Company 1300 2nd Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Dangerous Man is our favorite type of gathering spot: great beer and a comfortable, warm atmosphere for groups or chatting up someone new. There are 12 rotating beers on tap behind the reclaimed wood bar that endeavor to cover the four major bases … hoppy, light, dark, and strong. For strong we vote for the malty, 10.4% Belgian Golden Strong and for hoppy the citrusy House IPA is smooth and bitter. There’s no kitchen, so feel free to bring your own food or order from one of the takeout places nearby. If you’re looking to take something home, stop by the growler shop next door for your beer mongering pleasures.

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11. Surly Brewing Company 520 Malcom Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 (Summit University)

Based in Brooklyn Center, Surly offers a range of house-made microbrews, plus a solid food menu to soak them all up. Forget about pretzels and wings -- this sleek beer hall is serving elevated plates like pepita crusted catfish, charcuterie boards, ricotta gnocchi, and skillet cornbread. You'll even find a full restaurant upstairs, the Brewer's Table, which has a beer pairing menu to complement dishes that range from burgers to fish tacos to smoked pork shoulder.



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