Minimalist beerage in the heart of NE

And on the eighth day God said, "Yeah, OK, let the people of Northeast Mpls drink beer near my church.", and Dangerous Man microbrewery/taphosue was blessedly allowed to open directly across the street from Ss Cyril & Methodius Church. Also, the city specifically rewriting a zoning law for them didn't hurt

It's almost like God created the cavernous, columned former bank specifically for Dangerous's spare, minimalist aesthetic

Their brews' malty taste comes from proprietor Rob Miller actually swimming around in the beer tank! Just kidding! He's really more wading then swimming

They eschew clever names and just refer to their beers -- also available to-go in growlers -- by style, with six to launch including a chocolate milk stout, a cream ale, and their not-too-bitter house IPA

They don't have food, but do invite you to stare at this enormous monkey skull by local artist Peter Geyen whilst enjoying take-out from neighborhood joints like Anchor Fish & Chips and Element Pizza

Eventually, they'll have 15 taps pouring different Dangerous Man suds made with Rob's preexisting recipes from his decade-plus of homebrewing (think a 10% ABV strong Belgian golden ale)

You can also walk out with some sweet merch, like this hand-cobbled Ecuadoran hat -- wear it, and people will see that it is good.