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Boozey fashion events, pub crawls, and maker markets

New Bohemia brat and beer flight
Drew Wood

In honor of Saturday's music/art/fashion fest Envision Artopia, local filmmaker Jonathan Chapman made a short flick where film and fashion collide! Maybe trains or cars or something do too?! You'll have to find out at the premiere party: 530p at Martin Patrick 3. Click here for event info and a sneak peek at the trailer Photo: Jonathan Chapman
Get a DD to drive to Richmond, where more than 30 brewers and 40 vintners (which are like, wine, uh, brewers) will be doing their thing at the River Lakes Craft Beer and Wine Expo. As beer fests go, $26 is damn cheap, so score your tickets now
Hit Seward's Hack Factory during the day for Minne-Faire 2013; a maker convention of epic proportions that'll feature exhibits and demos by DIY "makers" in everything from 3D printing to metalworking to electronics. Even the Ghostbuster will be there. For realz.
Tix are only eight bones, son Photo: Hack Factory
The third annual Northeast Pub Crawl's hitting more than 20 total NE bars. Here's the whole list
Act all stylish at 9p and hit the Graves for fashion/music/BOOZE event Envision Artopia with DJ Bryan Gerrard.
Snag your snazzy tix
Nordeast wurst-house New Bohemia's dropping special flights of Harriet brews all night including West Side Belgian IPA, Divine Oculust, and Saison Nourrice.
Score more info at
From 10a-7p the formerly derelict Hamm's brewery on St. Paul's Eastside'll be bustling again with the HAMMS (Help A MN Maker Succeed) Event: a day-long foodtruck- and brewery-laden made-local market with everything from art to home furnishings to craft bags.
Buy your $10 tix in advance Photo: HAMMS Event
Since it's honestly what you've really always been drinking for anyways, hit Will Drink For Boobs, a day-long flip-cup tourney dedicated to battling breast cancer. The event's at Brothers and even spectators need a ticket, so score yours here

Short film still
Jonathan Chapman
Generic beer photo
Drew Wood
Ghostbusters car at Hack Factory, Minneapolis
Hack Factory
New Bohemia interior
Drew Wood
Beer flight
Drew Wood
Hamm's Brewery, St. Paul