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The Most Beautiful Bars in Montreal

Published On 10/28/2015 Published On 10/28/2015
Adam Taubert



Though the chandelier made out of wine glasses may be Pullman’s most recognizable feature, it is by no means its most beautiful one. This sleek bar boasts an extensive wine menu, great bites, and a setting that will make you feel like a modern-day Rockefeller, thanks to all chrome chairs and beautifully polished surfaces.

Courtesy of Lo√Įc


St. Henri

Lo√Įc has only been around for a few short months, but it‚Äôs already making a name for itself for its streamlined-but-vintage appearance. Serving only carefully-curated local products, a meticulous selection of wines and a few exceptional cocktails, it pares everything down to its beautiful, bare basics.

Courtesy of Le Lab

Le Lab

The Plateau

One of Montreal‚Äôs best-known bars is a sight to see. Its beauty lies not just in the banquette seats, the red-and-black colour scheme, or even the elaborate bar, but also in the pyrotechnics put on by its team of trained mixologists, who utilize fire, smoke, and mirrors in the making of their truly one-of-a-kind cocktails.

InterContinental Montreal

Sarah B. Bar Absinthe

Old Montreal

This beautiful old-school bar is dedicated to celebrating one of the most infamous libations in history: absinthe. Partake in a full absinthe ceremony, or try any of its green-fairy-laced cocktails and feel like a regular bohemian.

Ksenia Prints/Thrillist

Le Fitzroy


With a unique look that treads the line between industrial décor and island chic, Fitzroy offers casual pub goers a beautiful place to play pool, watch the Habs or spend a classy, laid-back evening.


Le Sainte-√Člisabeth


Tucked away in a dark back alley, Le Sainte-√Člisabeth may not look like much from the outside. But when you pass through the little bar and step out onto the terrace, you will find a little piece of shaded, wooden paradise, with dozens of tables arranged artfully between trees and trailing vines that go all along the encircling walls. It‚Äôs one of the prettiest places you can find to enjoy a casual drink with friends.

Ksenia Prints/Thrillist

Brasserie Lorbeer

Mile End

Done up in copper and wood with an upscale steampunk feel, Brasserie Lorbeer has clearly paid a lot of attention to its look. But thankfully, you don’t have to -- it’s strictly casual, and surprisingly affordable, too.


Dominion Square Tavern


Dominion Square Tavern looks like it was taken straight from the 1920s and plonked in modern-day Montreal... which it basically was. First opened in 1927, the d√©cor is all bentwood, tarnished mirrors, and warm, soft neutrals, while the classic cocktails on offer are, although pricey, excellently made.

Anabel Bar et Vin

Anabel Bar & Vin

Mile End/ Outremont

Anabel Bar et Vin is a straightforward, elegant wine bar that wins you over with its clean, Parisian simplicity. This is where you go for a truly excellent glass of wine or cocktail, paired with a bite of food that is as delectable as it looks.

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1. Pullman 3424 Av du Parc, Montreal, H2X 2H5

Pour yourself a glass of class at this ritzy, well-stocked wine destination.

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2. Lo√Įc 5001 rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, H4C 1T2

A beat for every drummer, this mish mosh of establishments offers opportunities for intimate moments and turn-ups alike. Housed in a historic building, you're sure to have a memorable time, no matter what your end game is.

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3. Le Lab 1351 rue Rachel Est, Montréal, H2J 2K2

Located in the Plateau neighborhood, Le Lab has an extensive cocktail menu that changes regularly and churns out inventive concoctions like the Deer Hunter (Jägermeister, violet liqueur, and lime). It might not even be a stretch to say that Le Lab might just make some of the best cocktails in the country, and if it doesn’t anymore, it certainly paved the way for bartenders to aspire to fancy techniques that hadn’t even crossed their booze-addled minds. The bar is dimly lit and has the feel of an ol’ timey speakeasy, and if you don't like anything on the menu, the experienced "Labtenders" will be happy to mix up any classic 'tail, or something from their list of originals.

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4. Sarah B. 360, rue Saint-Antoine Ouest, Montreal, H2Y 3X4

Located in the InterContinental Hotel, this absinthe bar is named after Sarah Bernhardt, the queen of the French tragedy. Here you'll find solid cocktails, tasty hors-d’oeuvres, and an elegant atmosphere.

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5. Fitzroy 551 Avenue du Mont-Royal, Montreal, H2J 1W5

Tucked away on the second floor of a nondescript building on Ave Mont Royal is Fitzroy. With a great look that treads the line between industrial décor and island chic, Fitzroy offers a beautiful view of the city, pool tables, big-screen TVs for watching the Habs, and two fully stocked bars for those looking for a classy, but laid-back afternoon.

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6. Le Sainte-√Člisabeth 1412, rue Sainte-√Člisabeth, Montr√©al, H2X 3C6

Le Sainte-Elisabeth is tucked away in a back alley, but once you find it, you'll discover one of the most elegant and relaxing spots in Montreal. This European-style pub has tons of microbrews on tap alongside an extensive whiskey selection. The best part of this spot, however, may be its giant, vine-covered outdoor terrace. The terrace is shaded and has plenty of tables all arranged underneath trees. We recommend calling in for a reservation to grab a prime spot at this restaurant, which gets busy during the summer.

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7. Brasserie Lorbeer 381 Avenue Laurier Ouest, Montreal, H2V 2K3

Done up in copper and wood with an upscale, steampunk feel, Brasserie Lorbeer features signature beer-infused cocktails, a loaded menu (try the fried chicken with smoked gravy), and one of the best beer samplers around.

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8. Dominion Square Tavern 1243 rue Metcalfe, Montréal, H3B 2V5

The Dominion Square Tavern first opened its doors in 1927 as a hotel restaurant and is still one of the classiest establishments in town, known for their traditional absinthe presentations.

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9. Anabel Bar et Vin 361 Rue Bernard Ouest, Montreal, H2V 4H3

This Mile End spot is where you go for a truly excellent glass of wine or cocktail, paired with a bite of food that is as delectable as it looks.